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Hubby's website

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Slides of twenty seven waterfalls on a six hour hike!





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     Starting a game they played many times on the phone, she touched her nose to his and gave a sexy laugh, I love you the most of the mostest.
     Youre not going to win this time, he assured. I love you more than the mostest. Before she could speak he kissed her.

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"Your men  can't ride

worth a durn, shoot worth a

hoot or tell army time if

there life depended on it.

That pet cougar ain't army

regulation and neither is

your stallion, Jackson. Ain't

no way you're survivn'

this even if you are an

x-gunfighter. Ain't no

way readers are going to

pick this book to make into

a movie. Pigs will fly first."


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Shelby beamed, "Hey when

I get my license we can

build my mega truck, right?"

The look on everyone's face was captured forever by a newspaper photographer.