Riley and six others were rescued on November 7, 2009!!!!

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Read Riley's story. I will be keeping this page open for those who know about his story

and try to get some updates on how he is doing.  At the end of this story are ways you can help neglected horses.


(These pictures were taken November 1, 2009. Riley has since found a good home and so has his mother.)

Hi, my name is Riley. I need your help. Please help me to rescue my Mommy.

Her name is Daisy.  She has been trying to keep me alive for eight weeks. 

I was born September 14th. Mom is a good Mommy. She keeps me warm at

night. She has rubbed her neck raw trying to reach grass on the other side

because the hay our owners feed us is old. She doesn't like the taste much.

I think it makes her belly sick. She eats it so she can feed me my breakfast.

They don't give her very much hay at all.

I really need your help to save her. She was a beautiful Mommy,

but everyday she gets weaker and weaker. There are people willing

to give Mommy and I some food, but, Mommy's owners won't

let her go to get any. Can you help me get her some food?

Mom is not making much breakfast for me lately. I can feel my little

belly growl. I'll give all my food to Mom. It would make her smile.

A few nice people have brought handfuls of grass because they feel

sorry for Mommy and me. Mom says the mud is hurting her feet. I am

worried about the cuts on her neck.

There are two other horses in the lot next to us. They keep telling Mom

to hang in there. That she has to be a good horse and stay inside her fence.

They say someone will give them food. Humans wouldn't let them starve to death.

Humans were created by God to take care of horses.




I'm fairly new to the world and to humans. We are still alive.

Mommy says we should be thankful for that. She says as long as we have life

we have hope. I've never seen God, but, I sure hope he can save Mom's

life and sends her some food. Maybe he can send a little to me, too.

If you know how to contact God, could you please tell him to send

Mommy some grass. She likes it the best. She says it feels good under

her feet. I wouldn't know, it's on the other side of the fence.

Update: More Photos added 11-3-09

Witnesses say Riley is now being chained in the barn during the night, away from his

mother. Witnesses say he is becoming dehydrated. The nights are dipping

below 30 degrees. Witnesses say there is no hay to curl up in to keep warm.

A witness said they saw the mare eating her own feces just this morning.


These photos were taken of Daisy before she foaled.

To give readers an idea of how bad Riley and Daisy are physically, I am going

to show you a comparison. I am told Daisy is a $2500-$3500 triple registered TWH.

I want to show you what a big boned horse like her should look like as my own horse,

a big TWH, is pretty close her size.


        This is Daisy's Backside.                                     This is my TWH's Backside.


                               *Pregnant* Daisy                                Our (spoiled rotten) Healthy TWH


                     This is 8 week old Riley.  He is barely larger than...                                 ...our 1 week old donkey pictured below!



The shattered look of hopelessness.                    The look of a horse loved and prized by its owner.

     This is a mad, and might I add hairy, TWH that is ready to kick

                     some human butt to save Daisy and Riley!



If you would like to help Riley- a name I picked because people need to

  get riled up about these horses plight- this is what you need to do. Adopt him and Daisy.





           They've been rescued!!!!!!

    Not  2 but 7 of the 11 horses!!!

     Updates will be posted at bottom.


Dusty says, "Way to go everyone!

The Lone Ranger and Trigger?

Rugger really!"



What steps did this group take to save these horses?

  1. They got organized and made their complaints heard as a group of concerned citizens. The currently alleged abuse of these animals by their owners, an elderly couple who had the money and the means to take good care of these animals, was an ongoing complaint. Over a period of several years complaints were filed about animals in poor condition. There was no reason why Riley and his mother were nearly starved to death and deprived of water for days!

  2. They had people willing to take in the horses if rescue groups could not. They has people in line willing to adopt the horses from the rescue group once the animals stabilized.

  3. Photograph everything and keep a written diary of times, places and dates.

  4. They offered to purchase the horses. In some cases, I am sure, people would be willing to let go of a sad looking animal to give it a better home than they can. In Riley's case I was informed that the owners might shoot first and ask questions later. I was not going to risk my life, because dead, I could not help any animal or human. I knew offers had been made and turned down to purchase the animals.

  5. They remained persistent. Taking years to collect photographs, filing complaints that largely went unheard. A pat on the back for these people who did not give up. I have only known of this situation for almost a couple of weeks. I wanted to cry when it did not look like the horses were going to be rescued. I'm still dumbfounded and amazed that in one week of after these horses were pictured on this website they are in caring hands.

  6. They did not harass the owners. If you feel generous, do not feed deprived horses anything but course hay. Sneaking treats, such as apples, carrots etc... could give them diarrhea, making their condition worse.
  7. They asked everyone they knew to help in a concentrated time period. By bringing others in to witness what was happening they were able to build a case of eyewitnesses that could not go unheard. Unfortunately the animal cruelty system is already burdened with unwanted and abused animals. Every photo and phone call will make the difference!
  8. They compiled a list of numbers and people to contact to file complaints with.
  9. Pray! God sure did hear Riley's prayers! Thank You!

  10. If all else fails get a mad, hairy Tennessee Walking Horse to kick some human butt!!!! Apparently it works!!!




To file an animal abuse claim you might call:

*In our local are of Greene County, PA.

*Animal Ridge Acres 1-724-229-7053

*Channel 2 News 1-412-575-2200 Send pictures!

Call the local police department and file a complaint.

Call the newspapers.

Send pictures to these addresses:



This arrived from vaschmalz today.   vaschmalz@yahoo.com

"Thanks for the photos and the information.  As I told you in our phone conversation, unfortunately we are not able to go into Greene County.  If no one from Greene County shelter is willing to help you, we suggest that you contact the Department of Agriculture.  Explain to them in detail the issue and forward any and all information on to them.  As heart breaking as these photos are, hopefully they will be able to help before it is too late.   I am giving you two phone numbers to contact for them.  724-443-1585, which is the main office and they will direct you to the Greene County representative.  The Washington County contact number is 724-228-6881.  They would also be able to help you with who your contact would be for your county.

I wish we could do more.   Good luck."



I'll add more as we get updates.

11-8-09 The local newspaper and TV stations publicly broke the news. Sad to say, the owners are in denial of any wrong doing.

 (I am having to bite my tongue, here, and remain politically correct.)


An article appeared in Observer today.  Read the article

The horses are in the capable hands of  Second Chance Equine Association of Westmoreland County.

The Halsey's were  charged with nine accounts of animal cruelty. Seven for the horses. One for a dog.

There are yet remaining four horses and twenty cows. These animals were fortunate enough to have access to a pond and routinely escape.

The humane society are feeding the remaining animals.

The couple may have to pay restitution for the animals taken and for vet examinations, and possibly fines.


Through a little fly on the wall I learned that Riley has rain rot so bad that most of his hair will fall out and then grow back.

Mother was the worst of the group and needed intensive care. It may be six months before they can be adopted. These

horses were really in need of more than good homes and willing hearts. Second Chance will give these animals the emergency

care they deserve. Those interested will have a chance to give them great homes! There is possibly eleven horses that will

need eleven willing hearts! Don't forget them!   


Update: January 2010

The couple plead guilty. They were fined several thousand dollars and had to pay a small portion of the vet fees.

Second Chance waved their hauling and animal care fees.

All the cattle and remaining four horses will stay at the farm and be monitored by the humane society.

Two of the rescued horses are being returned to the couple.

Read Full Article At Observer-Reporter

 "As part of their sentence, the couple agreed to forfeit to the Humane Society of Greene County five of the seven horses confiscated from their property on Nov. 7. Two horses will be returned but will be subject to monitoring by the humane society.

The couple also must pay Dr. Yvonne Liddell of Misty Hollow Equine Practice about $3,000 for veterinary treatment and allow the humane society to make random inspections of their farm and animals for the next two years. Bates also assessed each defendant a fine of $300 and court costs."

"Second Chance agreed to waive recovery of its costs for transporting the horses and caring for them pending the trial. Second Chance and the humane society also agreed to return the two horses to the ***** (subject to monitoring)

I'm not sure how I personally feel about last news. These people did this to animals for years. I don't know why- and frankly, I don't care why. I and many others will be watching. There will be no more animals suffering at these people's hands. This is their second chance to prove their lies. This website will be here. And it will be watching. They got their chance, now they better own up- permanently. 


My Personal Observation

The real sad part of this whole ordeal is that horses are losing ground in the necessary part they once played in humans everyday lives. Fewer and fewer people know what it is like to feel the personal projection of the horse. To be awed that an animal ten times our weight and forty times our strength allows us to teach it, to ask of it our wishes, and to befriend us. In my book, as a whole, humans don't deserve their devotion.

The horse has been replaced at a high psychological cost. You can talk to a car all you want, but, it won't back up when you ask it. Sitting in it will not make you healthier. You will not feel the dew against your skin as you are lifted up a rocky slope by a thousand pounds of muscle and personality. Your senses will not be kept on edge by guiding the horse over treacherous footing or handling a spooky moment. Your adrenaline will not rush and your cheeks will not flush. Your mind will not  receive the foreplay of indulged senses before topping the crest of a hill and becoming a part of the scene unfolding. The glorious sunset infinitely changing colors, the wind touching your damp skin, the smell of crushed grass under pawing hooves or the sound of crickets and birds singing their nightly calls.

This is horse, this is human, this is the way it was until the machine came along; until the computer came along. When our fellow humans have given us a bad day who do we turn to talk to? At least the horse tries to understand.

Somehow, the horse just being there is enough to take the sting out of the day. Somehow they bring calmness back to an overwhelmed mind and give companionship to another day as it closes. Being with the horse is a moment in time. It is a day, a time, never to be repeated, but to similarly be indulged. Climbing aboard we can ride off from our frustrations, curl up in our bed and know the horse is out there watching over us, ready to warn if a stranger is near.

When mankind turned his back to the horse in exchange for metal mechanical wonders, the loss to the next generations was truly profound. Short wonder children lean over fences making wishes the horse will see them as special and come to them, willing and trusting, for real or in a dream. As the horse exists, the humans dreams exist, too.