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This is so much fun!      There is all kinds of information pooled on Pinterest. I  have collected almost 10k pins and organized them on 140 boards. The health information could change lives. There is recipes, a slew of gardening ideas and enough photos to keep me busy for hours late at night when I should be sleeping. The best part is, the hubby can not complain my hoarding takes up space, it's all on the computer.

This is my spot where I get to share some farm life and opinions with friends and family. 

   ( Hi mom. Glad you finally figured out the computer. )

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Here are some pictures of the farm and what I really do... beside write the best books ever.



I like to hunt and fish. CC alias Pusher Lady will hopefully be foaling in spring of 2017 with my very first horse

foal to be born on the farm. We have had a few donkey foals but this one will by my baby. So excited.

Rugger is not jealous I took CC riding.



Jacktown Fair- I help design and put the float together.                Eva the milk goat and Dipstick chatting.

Prince looks so happy. Yah, girls have toys, too. lol                The Macey hooked to the '66 baler.




JD was a true snowplow in Jan 2016                         Our bottle baby calves for 2016. Chip and Dale



Winter for 2016. Baby face looks so happy.   Then April saw my six nanny goats bring bounce to the farm.

Ebony Rose is Eva's granddaughter. Cora sister.


Calico Lace is the Granddaughter of Calico Girl; my favorite goat I lost two years ago. Half sister Cora is smiling.


Twins Dandy and Poppy Seed (girl).

Our newest building project.


Born here on the farm I had the unique chance to see my Dane pups born and pick out the pups

I wanted. Each one has her own personality. April, Maya, and Junzia were born on Halloween. Here

they are at six weeks and at six months and still growing. I originally picked two but June would

whine and crawl over to me so we knew she had picked me out.  She is in the red harness.

Our surprise baby, Kisses, with Momma Brownie and Peaches. I have no idea why I got them but they are cute.

They needed a home and I had an empty pen... I suppose.



    "I'm too cute for my fur..."

Coming next to the farm. White heritage Galloway. I can not wait for next year to start collecting a

small herd. They are very hearty for our type of hilly pasture and easier to keep than larger breeds. `


Well, I really do wish I was this fancy proper lady. I tried. I even went to beauty school and became a beautician. I hated it.

Truthfully; I am a truck driving, horse loving, naturally straight shooting country girl who would rather have mud on my boots than be at any fancy writing seminar in some dainty lace. Give me a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and a ball cap and I'm ready to go.  I truly would rather be on the farm training horses, chasing goats, and working in my garden than any place else. I love to write and create.  I do not like to be off the farm. So, how do I accomplish becoming an author so I can earn money to stay on the farm?  Hmmmm. Working on it.  If you would kindly go here and buy a book then ask all your friends to buy one and then write Disney I might get somewhere. lol

Meanwhile I'm making this blog so my friends and family can see just how much fun I'm having being me... and so I can remember all this when the Alzheimer's kicks in and I'm chewing on applesauce thinking, "Man, remember when this was grass fed steak?"





I am searching for an agent to take

my work to a larger scale.


Contact me if you happen to know one!