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 The Major's Renegade

Reader's Comments

These are real comments given to me by readers. I have them on file. For the privacy of my readers I will use only first and last initials and the town they are from.


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Writer's Digest Commentary

While I was hoping to win the Writer's Digest 13th Annual International Self-published Book Awards I did receive a favorable commentary. On Plot, Grammar, Character Development, and Cover design,  I received an even 4 across the board. The highest  is 5.  Here is the commentary made by the Judge. See if you agree.

"I really did enjoy this book. The writing is excellent. I could tell that this writer loves language and has such a command of it that she is able to present it in new and interesting ways. You also know literature and the craft of building a novel. One of the most sophisticated aspects of writing is the ability to write good scenes to keep the action/pace moving, while not rushing details that are so important to building setting, mood, and character. Well done! The narrator is observant and insightful, and presents the story with specificity and depth. I admire the choice of language, details and characters- it's clear that much thought, dedication, and research went in to writing this novel. "

 Readers comments:

"I was reading your novel on the airplane ride to Arizona, and I've never laughed so hard at a book in my life. I'm so glad my granddaughter...bought your book for me. If you ever publish another novel, please let me know, because I'm sure I would enjoy it."   M.R. 
of McElhatten, PA


"Hello Cindy, I read The Major's Renegade. Wow! It's every thing you said it would be...I was off all last week of Easter and read your book. I could not put it down. The story captured all my thoughts and (I) could not wait to finish. I would read till my eyes gave out..."  R.M. of Mississippi

"The excitement of the wild, wild West paired with some good old fashioned good guy vs bad guy lend this book both a great setting and thoroughly involving storyline. I became immersed in the plot from the first page, only to loose myself deeper into the story. You will laugh out loud reading this book. You'll never guess what surprises surface, and you'll never be able to put it down.  T.M.  of Lock Haven, PA   7-18-05

"Great book! It gave me a good laugh! I look forward to reading more of your books in the future."
       S.R.  of Lock Haven, PA

The book "The Major's Renegade" was very interesting and had you wondering from beginning to end. The writer never had a dull place in the book. Adventure was always around the corner. The main person, Bucks, had something up the sleeve to keep things going. This young writer has a lot of imagination very well placed through out the book. I am looking forward to a second book...           M. E. of  Pennsylvania

"The Major's Renegade was interesting with a surprising twist."  D. F. of Pennsylvania  4-27-05


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Reader's Comments


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