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Searching for an Agent-


Okay. This idea is not going so well. It seems I need to know someone who knows someone who knows someone. Do you know someone? If so, I would like to get to know you! lol






The Major's Renegade-

I   love The Major's Renegade. I can't wait to finish the "rest of the story!"  I have four prequels and two sequels outlined, but time is my worst enemy!  


Shelby, the son of a garage owner, stumbles to life as a character that needs to stay as far away from a garage as he can get. When he finds a suitcase of money he brings his sister, the FBI, some nasty jewel thieves, and a pair of bank extortionist together in a plot full of comedy. All without even trying. He was just being himself.   Check Out His Sister's Cobra.

"Shelby Goes to California"- The fun is endless. Shelby and Hailey are escorted to California by the original FBI agents to face the mafia boss in court. Only the boss has other plans for the Baker children. Unleashed speed hits the road when Hailey's foot sends the Cobra accelerating California!


"Shelby goes to College"- You can only imagine the fun! Left on his own Shelby hits the classroom with everything he's got. Can the college survive?



For the interested I also have, in part, these books:

"The Island of Knickenbock"- A child wakes up in a strange land where she is the princess. In the real world her parents on the brink of a divorce. In the land of Knickenbock they are being held captive by a monster she alone can conquer. What will happen when she awakes in the hospital from a coma caused by an accident that has forced both parents to be together in the same room?


"Australian Luck"- a necklace creates an out-of-body experience that leaves a woman riding around with a bunch of bad guys who are holding her husband hostage. She has to get her husband out of trouble and herself back in her body before it is too late.




Poetry Collection

and outlines for a couple of other books I have not named yet.   


Okay- so I have too many books in the fryer and not enough time to finish them all. You could help me change that! Tell everyone about the books you' hae read and where to find their own copy. Then I can stay home and write...write...write and you can sit by the fire and! Deal?

PICTURES OF: Crystal Caves Kurtztown, PA; My Bike at Worlds End, PA: Overlook in Tioga PA