"I may look like a rose but I'm no posie. Check out the Queen's

 Stuff often as she adds to it regular. Job security. Gotta love that."


    Our department managers: 

Don Diego de la Vega ...

will guide you through Cynthia Queen's personal files... including her works of art.


"I am here but to serve."




would be happy to show you the funny files.

 (She does have a sense of humor- really.)


"Right this way please."




is our movie and slides guide.


"Let's do lunch."



would be glad to share with you the helpful knowledge files.

"Flowers are so healing."



will guide you through everything horse and farm related.


"We'll saddle up and

 head on out."




will show you where to click to visit some fun and exciting places.


"Let's go for a little

 R&R trip."




loves to show everyone the Queen's favorite GIF's.


"Gif's. You put 'em in your emails.

They make people laugh."





will help you unwind and find what the others missed.


"This is such a relaxed atmosphere."








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Cynthia enjoys her privacy as much as the next person.

Paparazzi beware!