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July 12, 2011 There is no good place to start but where you are at. This is my first entry.


    It's been an interesting day. I am training to drive school bus. As you may know I already have my CDL but driving a school bus requires state training of all the extra rules to say in a nutshell. I do enjoy driving. I saw some of my old crew from Penn Dot and I find I miss them. Perhaps I will get to work with them again this fall- which reminds me I must update the application once I find it on the website. They switched last year to computer and that is how I missed working with them. As you know when my family did not move down to the farm I became very depressed and it very easily slipped my mind that I had not reapplied electronically. As you know I had to wait for my name to come down on a list. It never did. They hired new people who were ahead of my name and filled their slots and so I was even more depressed and I've dragged about finding a new job wehn I have so much work here on the farm to do.

   Well, I have copyrighted SHELBY.  I did so over the weekend. Aunt Barb is ecstatic. I am looking up all the tiny print that goes along with uploading to KINDLES. If this is successful I will save up enough to have the book self-published as I have already done with The Major's Renegade.

   In researching the electronic books I stumbled across some good news. I found The Major's Renegade is now available through Barnes and Nobles as well as The only bad news is that I make less than a dollar a copy and all the advertising falls on my shoulders. Of course, this is the case to self-publishing anyways, yet, if readers purchase directly from me I will make over three dollars a book. Ain't that something?


     I'm back. Another interruption. My friend Candis, who is like a sister to me, arrived and stayed a bit longer to help me get stuff ready for the yard sale. I doubt I ever have a yard sale, but it sounds good. As you know, we moved really fast into this house and crammed everything in the garage. Now I'm taking it out of the garage to stow on the horse trailer so I can set up tables. This garage has no floor and water keeps coming in off the bank. It used to be a pole carport. It needs French drained. I dug a ditch out back to get some of the water carried away. It's a good place to catch worms for the garden when it rains hard.


    Because of Candis stopping in I won't get to look up my information for Kindles. The hubby is out cutting hay. We may be baling on Thursday and Friday if it does not storm. The roof on the pole barn is leaking because the storm of 2010 was so heavy the old tin sank in. The main beams split ,as you will recall. I am really hoping these books take off. Just enough to buy the new roofing and fix up the trailers we are remodeling.


    I wish we could afford to take out the old trailers and put new ones in. It would be easier than trying to band-aid these old things. We now have to replace the electric poles and put in four new electric boxes. We pulled down one of the two trailers that we could not rescue fast enough. It has laid in a pile for months while we scraped the money together to put the truck back on the road. We will pull these out and put in six camper lots for the gas guys. Well, that is once we figure out where we are going to find seven grand to fix the electric nightmare left behind by the prior owner, It has to be fixed and soon. Well, the truck and trailer are at least ready. I will gather what metal I can and put it toward this new expense. If we can get six more lots that will ease the financial burden on us a great deal. I sure do wish my family had not back out. This is way too much for the hubby and I to do. We need to hire help but that means raising people's rent and they can't afford it now. I can't do that, especially to folks who are doing everything under the sun to put food on the table. We even give them work here and it is hurting us, but, they have been good renters in the past years, fixing things without our knowing so we don't have to be bothered. One hand must wash the other, especially in today's economy. It seems in mankind's great effort to be an island we now must return to our dependency of community. I am seeing more and more families staying together longer. Couples living in the same homes as their parents. Friends joining up to make the bills. If this is happening here in America I can only imagine what it must be like in foreign countries. I have seen pictures of the tin sheds with sheets hanging. Well, we are at least one step ahead of this on Greene Acres- well- now that the man door on the garage has been properly nailed. We can take the plastic from under the pole barn roof once we get new tin, after we get the new electric installed and after we finish the last trailer to be remodeled. Somehow, I see long nights driving from Maine to Texas in my future again. Who knows- I am sure my novels will take off and the farm will be saved. That's how it ends in the fairytales- right?


   I'm signing off for today- don't know when I'll have another minute for insight- have an appointment to run to, the hubby needs fed before going off to work at the machine shop, and I've some fence to fix before the horses figure out it is down. Who knows what I'll get into after that, but, I am sure it won't include anything on the current To Do List! lol I know you know how that goes.