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July 15 2011

Candis and the backwoods band.


  No news on the truck and it looks like it will be until Monday before the garage can get to it. It is probably the fuel filters and the inline pump gummed up. Started off good for getting the hay done until the air compressor broke down. While Don was trying to fix it the power went out. Yah, that's right, the power went out for the whole area. So we took a little broom and a paint brush and manually cleaned and greased the knotter assembly on the bailer.

  While baling Don got a scare. I watched a bale of hay pop out of the baler and start it's slow rolling decent down the hillside. Well, Don wasn't paying attention. It was the next to the last row to be baled and we had been dealing with bales not tying because the knotter assembly was dirty and it was hot and miserable. By the time you get done sweating and three days of work you're ready to sell every critter on the farm and demand ten dollars a bale as a fair price for a weedy bale of hay. Unless you have a huge operation two dollars a bale is a joke for what you have in it.

  Anyways, Don wasn't paying attention and he turned the tractor right into the meandering bale and up went the front tire, leaning everything due south and down the hill. Of course the bale took the back tire. Up and over he went and I thought for sure he was going to go ass over tin cup. Well, the bale wasn't done. The baler went up and over it, conveniently squishing the bale. Don did a cross over his chest and I just shook my head. On the four wheeler, the pitch fork in my lap, I went over and stretched the bale out while Don did the last row. One bale popped and I went and stretched it out then found my shady spot to watch. He sucked up that bale that nearly spilled him and next thing you know- BOOM! The shear pins busted and allowed the three-point hitch to spin freely. The chain had jumped off the sprocket. I swear all the bales stood up and applauded that bale!!! You could just here them, "Way to go! Whu-whu-whu!" We looked at each other and said, "Done!" We left one bale stretched out for the donkeys to finish off. You didn't think we were going to let a pile of grass get away with busting the shear bolts? The horses got a snack once I pulled that bad boy out of the chute. Right over the fence and into the horses mouth. He-he-he!

   We have to stack this whole mess in the morning. It got dark fast and the horses had to have their fly masks taken off. The masks inhibit their sight after dark, from what I'm told, and they will rub their faces raw eventually.

 Later Don declared the air compressor broken and you know something will get a flat before Monday. I wanted to blow up my floater bed to get it off the porch as part of project clean up. Should of known. Guess I'll drag it into the office and blow it up while I wait for Farmville to download. It takes forever for the game to download stuff.

    My friend Candis, meanwhile, had her horses get loose at midnight so they were chasing them with a four- wheeler until they could get them run down. Then they had to walk them home for over a mile, in the dark. The following day they took the horse team and wagon for a ride with her sister, who was visiting. They're jogging along when they see a beat up van and the guy asks if they have any gas. Here it turns out to be a van full of musicians and the guy didn't really need any gas, he was just striking up a conversation. Before you know it the guy asks them to hear a few songs they had just recorded. They had been on tour and were taking a vacation in the backwoods for fun. I thought she was kidding me- but her luck is identical to mine- and I knew she wasn't kidding at all. We had us a good laugh about that. I told her the next time she meets anybody with that much public exposure she better remember her writer friend and brag me up so we can get rich and go horseback riding together all the time! Like that is going to happen. No luck on finding time for kindles. Got to go stow hay for the hay burners.  Lol