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July 17, 2011

  Baby Steps


  Well, we were fairly whipped after a week of haying and humid, hot temperatures. We stuffed the last of the hay in the barn. No news on the truck. Hoping to hear something by Monday afternoon. I'm taking the old Ford 150 who's front end needs a major repair, and parking it in front of the tin tomorrow. It's big enough to hide the pile all the scrapers know is there. The aluminum is like having a carcass on the ground and watching the vultures close in. We're pretty sure who stole the copper and brass. I've already made it clear I do not want those people anywhere on this farm again. I hope they choke on the drugs they bought with the money. Someday they will screw up and I might get to turn them in for their drug habit and that will even the score. "What goes around comes around," my grandmother used to say.

  I was nice and warm but the hubby just stumbled out of bed and turned on the AC. It is midnight. Now I'm freezing and have goose pimples. He does it every night. Are all guys so wonderful? Got to be. I listen to other couples and I'm pretty sure it is. We woman are generally the ones who hate being cold and generally don't like being too hot either. The men could sleep out on the Tundra next to their Malamute or scorch themselves on a motorcycle in the desert.


  Well I was going to upload these new pages and the revised pages of my website tonight, but, now, I think I'll go get myself a cup of hot chocolate and head for bed where their is a ninety-eight degree body to curl up next to. Brrrr. I think I'll put my freezing cold shoulder against his back. That ought to wake him up so he has to stumble out and go take a whiz. Then I'll snuggle into the warm spot. The hubby will be none the wiser as to how his bladder got disturbed. I know that's rude but I bet someone else out there is having a good laugh right now because they do the same thing. Maybe he won't freeze me out of my office from now on. Not likely, huh? Time for bed, the neighbor's coonhound is bawling, barking and howling at midnight again. Generally it goes all night until it's time for me to get up, then it shuts up! The fan is on to drown out the dogs and we leave the TV on all day so we don't hear it. At night though it echoes and after awhile I can't even write because the dog's noise keeps breaking my train of thought. Time for hot chocolate. Yum.