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July 27, 2013


Swimming in a pool of melted caramel sounds sweet, but sure is sticky!



How Time Flies!


 I can not believe it is already 2013. I am working on my website-again. Just stumble across these pages. It is kind of fun to reread some of these. It reminds me that I am making progress however slow! It's still baby step forward.


I have finished all four books! My first order is here! Something is wrong with The Major's Renegade and the company suppressed my book. I am in the process of canceling with my old company and I feel that is the problem.


The pool is trying to belly wash- dug the ditch 30' long- 2' deep by 2' wide. Now we have to fix the pool. As the hubby can only do one major project per month it will be next year before that is fixed. There are a dozen ahead of this already.


It has rained so much we could not hay a major field but I am reducing animals.


I am beginning to ride my horse Peanut. He needs his special saddle which I have yet to finish paying for. His build is so unlike my fat tics on four legs. He is yet a good seventy pounds under weight. I think he was closer to three-hundred pounds underweight. He is a Paso Fino but his backbone still stands up so high you feel like you are being cut in half when I sat on him bareback. Poor guy.


I do not have time for the horses or donkeys. I do not have time to sit and write. Just felt like a break for the moment. I have to go out and cut the bottom boards on the new shed off and get them replaced. They are so rotted. We moved the shed four weeks ago and Don finally got the thing leveled yesterday.


The weeds are growing and I can't cut them down fast enough!


This weekend trailer 7 needs the bathroom faucet replaced. Had the electrician out yesterday because the trailer is sucking electricity and no one can figure out how. I mean alot. Like three times the normal. We'll see.

Today gotta take refrigerator down to trailer 7 which reminds me Don was suppose to help me take the brush hog off the tractor so I could use the lift. Oh my.


Gotta fix the web page. No time to sit and write. Oh... and to think the nieces baby is walking and starting to talk already! Big brother is heading for second grade.

How time flies...too fast...just too fast!