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August 1, 2011 Every good idea comes with a snag-and a bird suit?



Got back from seeing the family for a week which brought self-publishing to Kindles to a grinding halt. I spent hours today researching the best ways to upload. Found a $125.00 per book snag. I should have an ISBN number for each book. I already sent in for the copyright- which I have not received by mail, yet, but, have on receipt. This is a bummer.


The gist of the whole research is create account, upload book in html and jpg format then fill in all the blanks. That sounds easy. Yah, then just how am I suppose to tell THE WHOLE WORLD "Hey, look, I'm an unpublished author and I am totally looking to marry into the Published Author world? Would you like to be my...would you like to be my... would you like to be my publisher!"


You know, it's not like I can jump up and down on the street corner and get everyone's attention. Well, maybe I could and maybe someone with a nice straight jacket would come along and give me lots of time to write...sigh.


Oh, hubby says he likes my Queen's Diary pages but I am too long-winded.


Okay, so I'll try this for telling you how my trip went...



Went to oldest daughters. She took me around Coal Township, PA. Went to Red-Deer farm where I bought a cool jean ball cap and pink camo-shirt. Hopefully I'll stand out this hunting season- as you know I do like to hunt when I have the time. Hubby is saying I need a rifle, as making long distance shots 250 yards- with the 30/30 is showing off too much. Guys at work still rubbing it in from last year.


We went to see the coal mine museum- Pioneer Tunnel, in Ashland, PA. Went 400' underground to see what it was like to be a miner.  I knew it was rough, but, wow! It was- and still is- dirty and dangerous work. Rode on a steam train- cool. Always wanted to do that!


Went to Knoebels to wonder around in the heat aimlessly then refresh ourselves in the air conditioned shops. Found some horse salt and pepper shakers and a Bugs Bunny and Yosemitey Sam shaker set doing the gunfighter draw in tall Texan hats. You know I get collecting Shaker sets from all my grandmothers and great grandmothers. They all did it. Kind of reminds me of them when I look over my collection- some of them once belonged to them.



Well- its hot and miserable outside. Of course I have a lot to get done and the list just gets longer and longer as I put the stuff off. Guess I'll check the check book and see how long its going to take to come up with $125.00 worth of pennies I don't have right now. I'll get my account set up as soon as I upload this. Watch, I'll not make a single sale. Nobody even knows who I am.


That last thought puts me in a bright bird suit standing on the street corner waving a sign- "Buy Cynthia Queen's latest Kindles release. You'll laugh all your feathers off!" Wonder how long it will take before the white van pulls up with the guys in white suits. Guess they'll make me a jail bird for soliciting in a bird suit without a permit... just my luck no one will have a camera around to send the video of my arrest into Oprah. She could name that segment... "What would you do to get published? Our first guest was found flapping on the streets of New York..."


Well, hubby says I'm getting to windy again so until next time- keep your feathers on!


PS  Trip went great until I got home. We had to bury Calipso, my white Tom cat.  His merriment will be sorrowfully missed.