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August 2, 2011 Ug-technical stuff- someone shoot me!


I look out at my horses eating peacefully in the pasture. No worries but the flies buzzing around. In the meantime I've chewed the ends off two pens while trying to keep my mind focused on all this technical and legal phoforall- however you spell that. Good heavens- if I'm long winded the legal world is a wind tunnel with no off switch!



What I  now have is a pile of paper and a highlighter: a new account, an ISBN account and a Copyright Account: a guide as to how to upload to Kindles; information from people who spent hours trying to upload to Kindles and get the formatting correct; one big glass of sweet tea and five tiny aspirins ready to swallow for this migraine I am definitely going to develop.


Excuse me while I breathe in and out of this paper bag from hyperventilating. Nope not working. Okay, the gist of my days work my friends is that I have to spend $250 dollars to get 10 ISBN numbers. Each number would be $125, but, I have 4 books to upload. So it does save me to get a chunk of ten numbers, obviously.


Copyright- Shelby and The Major's Renegade are officially copyrighted.  Yay! Now I have Mighty Oaks to polish and Holding Heaven to read through and correct. Good News is all the cover art is D-O-N-E! Yes, twenty-six years of work all tied up in paper. You guys are going to buy a copy right? You wouldn't let me go through all this and not buy a copy- would you? I can't hear you...


Anyways- Kindles upload progress. Will read through all the material gathered. I now have to un-format Shelby after carefully formatting it! Goes to figure. That will take a day.


In the meantime the bus driving job does not look like it is going to pan out. Not enough hours- so I'm looking into tri-axle hauling, garbage truck driving or hanging around to see if I get hired back to Penn Dot. That is a political question.


As you know, if I had brown nosed with the right people I would have had my job back last year but because I was friends with people who the people in charge did not like I got kicked in the backside. That's government jobs and other people screwing with your life to get their power trip. Hope they feel so important. I hope these books take off and I get to show a few government people something. We will have to see and thanks for rooting for me guys.


 Now, you will remember to get a Kindles?... What is a Kiddle? Oh, boy... Maybe you better wait until the paper version comes out... hmmm.


Project Clean Up is going Project Slow. Did get a hole on the front porch and a few things for yard sale picked out of boxes. One thing I have observed is spiders are taking over the world!