Just when I can not drive

      one more mile,

  Just when my soul can

      go no further,

  Just when my dreams

      I am ready to throw away,

  The handiwork of God

     is there to remind me,

  That I am

    so therefore I shall be,

  A fleeting moment in time

    which will never be again.

  I am that moment

    I will never be again.

  Just when I needed Him most

    He is there to remind me,

  Dreams are not trash,

   but moments to drive the soul.


A picture of the arch at  Natural Bridge, VA. (George Washington bought the land because he loved the arch.) Under this is a river in McElhatten, PA. To the right is Route 76, PA- but don't ask me the mile marker.  The poem is one I wrote. 


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