This is me with my   ....second favorite guy.



Samantha and Crystal, my daughters, with a friend they tried to sneak home from the zoo.




   "Whoa Gun Powder!"

The only picture you will see of Don. He hates his photo taken.


Once upon a time there were three sleeping brothers, Smokey, Jasper and Malachi.


Abigail- our newest edition- asks the  unanswered question:

   "What died in there?"

Cuddles with her shy sister Stormy.

Misty displaying the "porch lounge" take over technique.

Silver Lady showing kitty poise.

Jasper having a hard day in the office.

Maxwell showing the "Chair take over maneuver."

 Solomon found his calling- as a draft stop.

Angel is teaching a class on how to be a of master disguise.


 Then there is poor Lady who has to put up with all these lazy cats.












In Memory of our beloved Pets.

Misty passed away at twenty years of age in the Spring of 06.

We lost Cuddles in the fall of '06 due to a blood clot that caused heart failure. She was four.

In June of 'O6 Jasper escaped the house and was never seen again. He was Lady's favorite of the three boys.

In the spring of '07 Maxwell was shot to death by a man who shoots every cat he sees, regardless.

In the summer of '07 we lost Silver Lady to cancer.

In the spring of '08 we lost Angel to kidney failure.

In spring of  '09 Smokey Bear was hit by a car.

In fall of  '13 we lost my favorite Solomon in the swimming pool while it was being drained for repairs.

In '14 Malachi passed at Mom's due to age.

In October of  '16 we lost Abigail to possible cancer.

It is sad they passed. Though gone, they will always be a part of our family, and remembered here.



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