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How long have I been writing?
Writing has been a passion for me since I was old enough to hold a pencil. It is my hope by being dedicated to my writing, I produce works that will bring not only monetary gain to my family, but delight to my readers. Especially laughter. In all the hardships I have faced- hardships that have included child abuse, severe depression, two teenage pregnancies, early marriage (16 and in my own apartment), poverty (living with no electric or water for two years), two divorces, deaths of people I grew close to, family disabilities, surgeries, and stressful jobs- through all of this; I have found that keeping a sense of humor has kept me alive. It is a theme that is interwoven into my work.


 I will add here, that it amazes me to no end, when I stumble across strong individuals that come from a worse background than my own. They leave me with a feeling of gratitude, because I realize life sure could have been worse. In the trucking industry I have stumbled across an endless supply of admirable people.

I have been told that struggle builds character. If this is truth, then I must be quite a character. Someone will have to let me know, so I can get back to you on this.

The feedback from people who have read my work has been enormous support. While I can not get everyone to write down what they have expressed, it has been wonderful to know how much they have enjoyed The Majorís Renegade. My mother, who can not read well, has read the book many times from cover to cover and laughed every time.


What am I doing now?
 We bought a farm, moved three hundred miles, and the place needs major work. There are several trailers used for low-income families that have been allowed to run completely into disrepair. The floors are rotted and the windows leaking. The people in this little community really need these places to get started or back on their feet from their own crisis. This is going to be a real challenge! We have five finished! Our Farm

My oldest daughter married and bought a house. She lives far away and works long hours. The apple does not fall far from the tree!

Can we say grandchildren? Of course I get the typical rolled eyes for that one.

My youngest has a challenging learning disability, which, I must admit, is very difficult to deal with. Anyone who has children with disabilities knows what its like to be on your last nerve of sanity. My hat is off to all those sticking with it. She is living with us and most days loves playing with all the animals.

I have plans of rebuilding barns and building up the farm. Of course, the present is enough to deal with. Presently Mom and my two brothers are in the process of moving with us to the farm. Finally some help.

Keep on pursuing your own dreams. Without them what would life be? Good wishes to you and keep on laughing!


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Picture of  myself at Pittsburg Zoo, Entrance to Luray Zoo in VA, and Niagara Falls, NY.

My daughter dug up the "sign picture" on the internet someplace. Kind of describes our road system doesn't it?

Small Picture of: My favorite tulip- Queen of the Night- of course.