Love is in the eye of the Beholder.


  I couldn't resist funning around here. These Jacks are on the

  back hillside of our farm. Unfortunately, they were not gelded

  causing a problem with the mares. They came with the farm.

  We found all five one good home with lots of oats. It was hard

  to part with the donkeys. Choosing the wrong horse for yourself

  can be just as heartbreaking. Know what you want long before

  you go shopping. Check out events. Talk to owners of several breeds.

  Unless you know what to look for don't go to the stockyard. Don't jump

  at the first horse you see. Be willing to turn them all down until that

  special one steps out of the stall and into your heart. Most of us

  can't afford twenty horses... like we would love too!



  Here are some web sights where your dream horse might be!







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