The Medicine Chest


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Items To Keep On Hand


  •  Iodine. Use it on the umbilical cord and rectum to prevent a tiny fly from landing there, laying eggs and causing a serious worm problem during first three days. Don't know, but, two old farmers swear it's the truth.

  • Granulex-is a very expensive aerosol spray that works for healing difficult wounds especially on the ears or legs.

  • Scarlet Red Oil- wound dressing. Dr. Naylor in yellow and red can. Comes off but keeps wound supple.

  • Blue Kote- remains on the wound longer but not as supple as red oil.

  • Wonder Dust- This not only clots bleeding but deters proud flesh. Mix with bag balm to help draw infection.

  •  Bag Balm- This really does help cracked teats and chapped hands, too!

  • FURA-ZONE (debatable) yellow salve- don't use if you plan on eating your goat and is carcinogenic to women who must where gloves.

  • Epsom Salts- wash scrapes and soak infected ears or limbs.

  • Antibiotic ointment- for cuts. The dollar store stuff works.

  •  Kero Syrup and Molasses- A goat's dropped sugar level will send it into shock.

  • Pedialyte- This a fast and ready source of electrolytes.

  • Pink Bismuth- (Pepto).  It coats the stomachs of a distressed animal.

  • Goat Drench  Energy is quickly lost by a sick goat.

  •  Re-Sorb- an oral hydration electrolyte product that really does work. Don't use on nursing kids!

  • Plain white rice. Boil it for ten minutes, drain, and use as the water for for formula, drench or electrolytes. It is said to thicken the stool.

  • Unmedicated anti-diarreahel bolus tablets. I like these because they work with an antibiotic.

  • Penicillin. I like the two day. It's less hassle.

  • On hand should be a gizmo that allows you to put liquid directly into a really sick goats belly and a pill pusher.

  • You might want to add Plain Yogurt to your milkshakes for you and the goat.

  • Probios can be given with worming and at any stressful time. By the way, this applies to humans, too, especially while we are on antibiotics.


  • Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. When treating with electrolyte products be careful of double dosing.

  • Even during the summer you will want to keep a few bales of good hay on hand. A goat with diarrhea will need to be taken off green grass for a short time.

  • According to the number of goats you have you may want to keep a large dog house in a goat mesh pen or pens. For sick goats a concrete pad of 4x8 would be ideal. It can be bleached after the goat is better.

  • Burn or put in the garbage everything used on a sick goat.

  • Towels should be soaked in bleach water then washed.

  • A fan for heat stress and a small heater for cold stress is handy to have.

  • Don't forget your shoes! Step into a shallow pan of bleach and water before going into or out of a sick pen.