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          The truth of farming, as I have discovered on our small forty-eight acre farm, is two fold. One, there is the blessing

   of Springtime and many births. Fresh, new, and challenging.  It is a challenge to keep alive the  new

   young. Nature, itself, can be very unkind to the tender frail beings stumbling around on four feet... or two.

           The second fold of truth I have found is that knowledge and being prepared is everything; because when emergency

   care is needed animals need it NOW. On the flip side of that statement is the fact that sometimes all you can do is stand

   back and watch.

            My love for animals is what has inspired me to share with you the advise I have stumbled across. Advice that might

   save a life- whatever it might be. I am not a doctor, but simply a writer, a farmer, and a good listener. Use the

   information as you see fit. Remember that it takes hours to see results from your efforts. An animal's body

   language, and its eyes, are key to your knowing if you are on the right track. Many a time, just your gut feeling

   is all you'll have to know if you're right. If you're wrong you'll learn from your mistake and be better educated to help

   someone, or some animal, the next time.

            Whatever sources I come across that have good, sound information I will also share with you. A lot of what I have

    learned comes from people who have won and lost- succeeded and made mistakes. The Agway guy, the feed mill people,

    veterinarians, farmers, friends, coworkers and family joined by the power of the internet and the might of the local library.

           Oh, and I don't represent any companies trying to sell you something. If the stuff works, it deserves to be listed.