Do you know how to get rid of these bad bugs or others not mentioned?  Send  me your proven strategies and I'll post them here. Try to limit the chemicals as we are going for natural here.




   If there is one thing I hate it is bad bugs or rodents!

   Check out some ways to get rid of them.



    ***** The best way to remove a tick that I have found, yet, is to surround

              the tick with salve to protect the skin. Apply Seargant's Earmite

              for dogs and cats with a q-tip to the tick. The little blood sucker is

              deader than a doornail in half-an hour and falls off. Wipe away salve

              and wash area with soap.


None of these worked on the cats... or the hubby.

             * Use a cotton ball soaked in liquid soap detergent to back out a tick stuck in the skin.

                 It takes up to fifteen minutes to convince the hitch hiker to get a new ride.

                 (Personally, I just ended up with a clean tick.)

             * Try globing the tick with Vic's Vapor Rub- especially at the base. Wait ten minutes.

                  (Personally, I just ended up with a gooey cat.)

             * Be extremely careful if you use a blown out match to back them out. It's hot. Usually

                 it does not work. (Don't recommend it myself. Scorched the hubby and burned my


             * A good pair of tweezers can pull them out, but you could break the head off., or,

                 as the hubby discovered, the tick could have such a good hold it takes off some skin.

                 Ouch! (The hubby is such a cry baby. Had to take him to Dairy Queen to soothe his

                 nerves then run across the street for burn ointment.)


Keep tick numbers down.


             * Ticks like tall grass especially along borders of short grass. They do not like to

                 cross over stone or mulch. Make a five foot border around your property.

              * Get some guineas. The African birds love ticks! They are easy to care for but they

                 are noisy and love shiny new cars... especially the neighbor's car. Hence the reason I came

                 home to find my flock of guineas in the kitchen sink. (Oh, well,  they tasted better than

                 pheasant and the hubby had to take me to Dairy Queen.)

                 Raise them from the day they hatch exactly where you want them to stay. (I'm waiting until

                 the neighbors new car gets a some dents and scratches before I raise my next flock.)

                 Chickens will also eat them but guineas will wipe out ground bees, too. Both eat mice.

              *Spray Deep Woods off on your socks and jeans to keep away the pests and wear white

                T-shirts when in the fields so you can see the things faster. (The farm was so bad the first

                year I thought about having a tick contest where contestants partnered up and walked thru

                the fields. Whichever team catches the most ticks wins- and me too!

               *A spray of creolin, a hospital strength antiseptic, diluted with water seems to keep them off the

                   horses. A gallon of water to quarter cup of creolin and add a half cup of baby oil to make

                   it stick better.

                *Severely infested areas you can use "Synergized Lice-No-More" in areas it will not reach

                     aquatic life. It needs a few hours to dry. You must where gloves with this stuff. It will

                     kill lice and tics and flies. It can be used as a pour on. We use it on the cattle rubs. Will

                     kill bees so don't use this if you have honey hives as a spray. Do put in boring bee holes

                     to save your barns. Fill a syringe and long need and squirt right in.

  MOSQUITOES: Add fish to your pond.

              *Minced garlic on the ground outside has had some success.

              *Chlorinate swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas etc...

              *Change the water weekly in bird baths.

              *Yellow "bug" bulbs tend to attract less pests then normal bulbs.

              *In pools of water you can't chlorinate try Agnique MMF or doughnut shaped

                  Mosquito Dunk.

              *Mosquitoes love shade so mow it down. Keep grass and brush trimmed and

                  encourage your neighbors to do this as well.

              *Fan 'em off. Put a fan at your feet and the weak flying mosquitoes might

                  find your ankles less attractive.

               *Spray Deep Woods off on your socks and jeans to keep away the pests.

               *A spray of 1/2 tsp of vegetable glycerin, 14oz of witch hazel or vodka and add a nice

                    essential oil smell like tea tree or lavender if you like.


              WHAT DOES NOT WORK:

                  Nothing like stirring up some controversy, but, there is doubt what effect the

                          following has:

  • Citronella candles, Citrosa geraniums, outdoor foggers and misters as soon as you turn them off, garlic, bug zappers, and ultrasonic devices. Even though I was always told  bats and martins (birds) are the good guys they apparently don't eat that many mosquitoes. 



FLIES:                      The Big Bag Fly trap. Add water and hang AWAY from the house. The

                                  more it stinks the better it works. Most flies live and die fifty feet from

                                  their birth place according some article I read many a year ago. If you

                                  stop catching flies move the trap location. I hang mine off the wire on the

                                  fence line especially near water sources during drought.


                                  I put a penny in a plastic sandwich bag, filled with water, hung it up, and it did seem

                                  to help. It amused the horse to no end until it popped.


                                  Premethin Insecticide I spray on all the barns.


BOT FLIES:              Use a bot knife to remove the eggs and hit the ones you can't get with

                                   a spray bottle filled with baby oil, skin-so-soft and dish-liquid. If you are

                                   filling a whole spray bottle its two cups of baby oil, a quarter cup

                                   skin-so-soft and a tbls of dish-liquid.


Yucky ROACHES:   Borax soap spread in a small "bead" along cupboards and walls.

                                   Leave it for a  month. They walk across it and die. Putting up with

                                   the powder- another problem.

                                   Do not let any food out for the pets or on counters.

                                   Fix any leaks that could be causing damp areas.

FLEAS:                    *Mule Team Borax Soap- spread on carpet but NOT the furniture for

                                    half an hour and sweep up. It is very gritty and hard to get off furniture.

                                    Put a very light cloth, like a thin bed sheet, on furniture then put the soap

                                    on. Learned that the hard way.

                                 *Mix two litters of water and a 3 tablespoons of lemon juice. Wash your

                                   floors with it.

                                 *Wash area dog sleeps in with saltwater. A tsp. to 8oz of warm water.

                                 *Spray dog with fifty-fifty white vinegar and water then bathe with baby

                                    tearless shampoo for a super fresh flea-less doggie. Good luck with

                                    the cat. If you think that's funny see How to Give a Cat a Pill.

                                 *Tansy is a plant that can be planted around the outside of the house.

                                 *Aromatherapy might make the pests flee the house. Try geranium, lavender,

                                    or tea tree oil. Rub a few drops on your pets collar, too. Combine the oils

                                    and bathe dog (good luck with the cat) with. Give the horse a mane and tail

                                    wash to keep it pest free and smelling good, too.

                                     Another tip is add a drop of essential oil to 4oz of Aloe Vera juice and spray

                                     the pets area.

                                  *The herb rosemary can be grown and leaves dehydrated, or purchased, and

                                     spread these around pet beds. Put in a sachet and drop down into the couch.

                                 *Dip pet's comb in a mix of baby shampoo and water 50/50 and comb animal.

                                    Yes this tip works on horses, too... and anything else that will hold still...

                                     including the hubby... but it doesn't work on ticks at all, nor matches, nor...



MICE:                      Traps are still the snappy best. Poison can actually kill other animals

                                  such as birds or your cat if they catch the mouse. It also is a

                                  long, hard way to die. On top of that a poisoned dead mouse

                                  really stinks and you never know where it will part company

                                  with this world. The hubby's underwear draw or under his desk perhaps.

                                 *It's cruel, but those sticky glue traps work. Veggie oil gets the glue of you.

                                 *Irish Spring bar soap cut into pieces seems to keep them out of places.


                                 *Most days I would recommend a cat, but, as mine just came in through the pet

                                  door carrying a live mouse, which she promptly dropped and the fuzzy

                                   invader just dove under the stove, I am currently not endorsing cats...

                                   especially mine.

                                   (I will now drive myself to Dairy Queen while she waits by the stove.)



SQUIRRELS: There is nothing like listening to a squirrel roll his nuts across the attic floor. Set a live

                        trap with peanuts wired in- or peanut butter. It works on elephants, too, but you'll

                        need a bigger trap. That was a joke, I say, a joke.

                       *Irish Spring bar soap cut into pieces seems to keep them out of places.


MOLES:     At night stomp down all the mole holes. By morning you'll know which ones they are in.

                       *Tulprid is a bait that looks like worms. Put it in active hole.

                       *Kill off the grubs in your lawn so they won't have a food source.


ANTS:  Home Defense sprayed around the house has seemed to work.

                               *The neighbor swears by cucumber peels. They smell like copperheads to me.

                               * Borax 1tbs/1 cup sugar/ 1/2 cup water great bait

                               * Try cloves inside cabinets. Use old baby socks or any sock.

                               *Peppermint oil on cottonballs.

                               *Ants don't like cayenne pepper, chili pepper, paprika, cinnamon or sage.

                               *Minced garlic on the ground outside has had some success.

                               *Instant grits- they eat it, their bellies swell, and no more ant.

                               *Cornstarch- put a pile right in their path or over their hill.



CARPENTER BEES: During a rainstorm or at night squirt 25% liquid dish soap

                                      and 75% water into the holes. The big bees die fast. Then take a

                                      powder like Segrum Seven, squirt into the hole. As soon as the

                                      hole is dry enough close it up with window caulk then paint

                                     an insecticide over the board. Then paint the board.

                                         These guys are persistent!!!!!

                                      Look around and you may find a shed or tree nearby needs attention.

                                                 *Shoot Home Defense into the holes- follow above.

                                     *Lean an old post against a nearby wall and wait for the little pests to

                                       drill holes. Hit them with the soap.

                                    *WD-40 works too. Fill the holes as suggested above.

                                     *Wearing gloves use a syringe to put Synergized Lice-No-More in holes.



Make a trap.

1/2 inch hole is a MUST.

A spoon full of sugar water to bait.

"It's your turn to get the last laugh.

Evil chuckle. I so hate these bees."

Video of me making a trap.

Carpenter Bee- Fat black butt with no yellow stripe.

Male Bee Hovering. Look at his fat butt.

 Ball bat handy, anyone?

Holes, holes everywhere!

They will bring the barn down!

No joke!

Innocent BUMBLE BEE.

The stripes are the key to ID


RACCOONS: Chicken enemy number one has hit my pest list! To catch the crafty critters set a live

                         trap by wiring very tightly your half-eaten best laying hen to the back end of the cage.

                         Tuna fish, cat food and marshmallow fluff has worked but wiring the bait means

                         they have to struggle and are more likely to step on the metal plate. The plate is cold

                         and their paws are very sensitive; I swear this is the reason they don't step on it.

                         Set the trap at a spot you think the coon is traveling. Put inside a garbage can for the

                         really Wiley ones. After that, it is your coon- I don't want it.


                        (Someone join me at Dairy Queen. All these pests are  too much. I need to talk about

                         something, anything, but pests and Obama Care. I need an Eggnog Blizzard for the first

                         and a saloon for the latter. That was a joke, I say, a joke. Rum in the nog. Sigh, husbands

                         never get the punch line. Hey, Honey,  while I'm gone sit with the cat beside the stove

                         until that mouse comes out will yah? No, that was not a joke.)


TERMITES: Professionals are always recommended. For a small infestation in an old barn you might

                  try a paint of 1/4 boric acid and 1 part diatomic earth. Spray crawl spaces too.

                        Pull all the grass away from your foundation and put in a 2 foot stone strip. Plant everything away

                            from the foundation.

                        Do not put firewood next to the house.

                        Try a mix of two parts borax, two part confectioner sugar, and one part cornmeal. They will eat it.

                        Boric acid placed at the bottom of tunnels that have been scraped off. Can take weeks to kill them.

                        Spray a mix of half cup of vinegar and juice of two lemons into entrance holes and on surfaces might be

                          under attack.

                        Termador is a product that you can use around the house or have pro use it.


                        Be persistent. Be sure to keep wood they can eat away from the house.

 "I am working on expanding more articles so check back soon and see what helpful tips I manage to dig up."



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