Bio Spot Hazard


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My husband and I split this container of "bio spot" between our two dogs.

As usual, we became side-tracked and left the syringe and the plastic lid on

the counter overnight. As if finding this in the morning was not bad enough,

our cat, loved up against our dog and licked some of the product. The cat

went into mild convulsions that had me staying up until three in the morning

trying to keep her calm. There was nothing to be done, but, ride it out. This

stuff has been known to kill cats, I later learned from a friend who's daughter

put it directly on her cat and it died.  After seeing what this product did

to this plastic dispenser cup (off a Pepto Bismal bottle) I will never put this

on any animal again. The worst part is, the fleas never left.


After this horrible experience I decided to post these pictures on my web to warn others!


 The syringe and the cup are melted together!

The black rubber plunger on the syringe is melted and can not be pulled!

What is left of the bottom of the little cup is melted to the tip of the syringe and then melted to the top of the cup. We we're going to throw this stuff away, that's how the coffee grounds got in the picture. They, too, are stuck to the melting plastic. What I would like to know is what is keeping this product from eating out of the plastic container it is packaged in?! What if the cat had been a child loving up against a treated dog? This is our first time using this product and our last.

 I'm passing this on to people I care about because I know they love their pets. This stuff needs ripped off the market!


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