Diabetic Sores

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This page I have created for neighbor. A very sweet person despite most of her sixty years of life living in pain. When she went into a rehabilitation center and came back with huge black sores on her legs the size of the palm of my hand I was absolutely aghast. It was shocking to see what diabetes could due to a person and how unforgivably ignorant a medical facility could be. I hit the internet to arm myself with as much information as I could.

One fact which weaves through the material like a common thread is being overweight and the insulin levels spiking, are too high or too low.

Keep the body clean and move around. Circulation issues seem to be involved. Get up and walk, lift arms and legs with gentle exercise. Do not walk barefoot to reduce any chances of punctures and to help stabilize older patients. The feet seem to be the most vulnerable although my neighbor's sores are just below her knee. If these sores do not heal she may need her leg amputated. This stuff literally eats the victim alive. It is nasty stuff.

I stumbled across some salves on you tube, pinterest, and search engines.

Considering the size of my neighbor's sores if this small batch works I might want to grow some of these herbs and infuse the oils myself or find a cheaper source. How to infuse oils. Sounds like another page?

Soothing Healing Salve

1tsp of Bees Wax

1 1/2 tsp Calendula infused olive oil

1/2 tsp  Shay butter

1/2 tsp Lanolin

1/2 tsp Tea tree oil

*Melt the wax in a glass measuring cup or jar set in a pan of boiling water. Add the other ingredients. Melt completely down. Let it cool for two minutes then add:

1/2 tsp Vitamin E oil

15 drops of Lavender essential oil

Add last as heat breaks down these two oils changing their properties.

*Pour this into a small container like a salve jar, baby food jar, anything you can dip it back out of.

Apply to wound and then cover this over with a layer of bag balm. Bandage as usual.


Dandelion Salve

Use wooden spoon to do stirring.

Dandelion infused oil: Pick enough flowers to fill a pint jar. Fill with extra virgin olive oil. Let set six weeks covered. I use a piece of saran a wrap then tighten a ring over this. Strain the oil to remove all the flowers. I use an old flour cloth. (In a hurry? Try a small crock pot set on warm overnight. Do not cook it.)

For each cup of infused Dandelion Oil add an ounce of beeswax. Melt this in a glass double boiler or a glass Pyrex measuring cup set in a pan of boiling water. Do not use a metal pan or spoon.


15 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract

1/2 tsp of Lavender essential oil

2 Vitamin E capsules of 1000 units  (Cut them open and dump oil out.)

Pour mix into whatever container you desire and allow to cool completely. Then put your lid on.


*Beeswax tip- instead of trying to grate a bar melt it down on very low heat on a baking sheet. It will flatten out and you can just break it up into the pieces you want.

*For a firmer salve add more beeswax for a gooey salve add more oil. 

I had previously stumbled across these treatment ideas for skin sores and the nerves in the shingles page.


Cayenne Pepper-Use lotion or cream containing this herb. Capsaicin is the reason for it's effectiveness as a pain aide. Apply often to the effected area.

Lemon Balm Tea

Chamomile Essential Oil- You can add to your bath water to help soothe. Put it in a spray and mist it on. Consume in tea.

Peppermint Oil- soothe the skin.

Jamaican Dogwood is strong on the body for this condition and should be used under doctor supervision.

Passion Flower

St. John's Wart


Geranium Oil- calms the rashes and helps them dry up faster.

Plantian - Use the salve or oil. Add the dried seeds to a salad.

Bag Balm