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Cash Assistance and Training Program

(For general information about Pennsylvania’s public assistance programs - Cash Assistance, Medical Assistance/Medicaid, Food Stamps, LIHEAP, etc.)

1-800-451-5886 (TDD)

Important Telephone Numbers you might want to check out.

Get help with your utility bills.

OCA Site Map

There are hardship funds available thru the electric, phone, gas, and water companies for people in need.

Consumer Corner

List of Pennsylvania Public Utilities


Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate
555 Walnut Street
5th Floor Forum Place
Harrisburg, PA 17101-1923

Phone: 717-783-5048 or toll free 800-684-6560 (PA only)
Fax: 717-783-7152

Email: consumer@paoca.org



Energy Assistance  Assistance Office

Dollar Energy Fund Check with your utility company

Available Programs  Budget Billing, CAPS, CARES, LIURP, Hardship Funds        Income Requirements

Heating Assistance

About LIHEAP   Hotline 1-866-857-7095 Apply Online, Download an Application or Go to your Assistance Office

                         Download Application

Dollar Energy Fund Check with your utility company

Weatherization Services through the utility company and assistance office..

Those with disabilities may find these links helpful.

OPD related links.

Services for Older Pennsylvanians


The main thing about finding help is being persistent, persistent, persistent!

Also do not forget organizations and ideas such as:

*WIC, Salvation Army, Community Action (often can help with rent), Senior Citizens Centers,

*YMCA, food banks which are generally located in churches or township buildings, emergency funds (usually one time only).

*Friends who may need some odd jobs done.

*Friends with gardens that need weeded might give some produce in exchange for the help.

*Friends who might trade or buy things from you.

*Sell what you don't need.

*Cut your electric usage. Unplug chargers. Replace broken seals around the refrigerator doors and wrap electric hot water tanks. Keep lights off. Keep the doors and windows shut when it is hot and open them when it is cool and humidity is low.

*Talk to your landlord and see if they have work they need a hand with in exchange for rent. If you do this understand your landlord was probably counting on the income and you should be grateful enough to do the work with zeal, even if it is cutting brush or unplugging a toilet.

*Most importantly! Stay out of the stores where you may make impulse buying decisions.

*If you sense an oncoming disaster take immediate action to cut back on your expenses.

*Make a large item, like a turkey, and break it down into several meals.

*Hit the library for books on how to cut spending, making cost efficient meals and all kinds of inventive ideas.

*Have a peanut butter and jelly night with roasted Marshmallows. Every night does not have to be a three course meal night.

*Take a lunch with you and ignore the kids whining to go to McDonalds. They don't have the responsibility of keeping

a roof over their heads- you do and that's a tough fact. Take them to the park with a packed picnic lunch.

*Burrow movies from friends or get them at the library. You may have to part with the cable bill for a little while.

*Don't be afraid to humiliate yourself if it means keeping your family from going hungry. You can't eat pride.

*Have enough pride to not steal. You'll get three square meals but your family won't.

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