Okay, this whole thing started because of twelve little goats who

 would not stay in their pen. 

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Plantian - Use the salve or oil.


         Treating The Itch

  So begins the information quest.  While you are itching to know the cure, here is what I have learned so far:

1. Do not use bleach on any sore or open wound. Several people have told me

       they have friends or family who have landed in the hospital with blood

       poisoning! Another good reason- from what I have read- is cutting off

       the body part is more favorable than dealing with the pain caused by the

       bleach. Ouch.

  2. It takes ten minutes, roughly, for the plants oils to absorb into the skin. So

      wash with cold water, and a lot of it. Then use water and soap in a cool

      shower. Soap may actually hold the oil and spread it so it is best to use water

     only first. Some reading has suggested following up with rubbing alcohol and

      medicated body powder. Suggestion, keep gallons of water in the truck,

      along with liquid soap, and a change of clothes when cutting wood etc...

  3. If you think you have been exposed change your clothes and

      wash up. Better safe than itching for weeks and weeks and weeks.

  4. Wash everything that came into contact with the plant. Under your finger

       nails, boots,  shovels, hammers, truck, Labrador, the dead rabbit 

       won its final revenge by running through an ivy patch, and the one thing

      everyone thinks of- your clothes! You might want to wash everything three

      times just for the fun of it.

   (Oh... leaving the soaking wet Labrador tied outside is highly suggested.)

  4. It takes up to ten days for the rash to start- depending on how big a dose you

      managed to find. Imagine a missile, filled with nasty acid, landing in your

      front yard. The worst hit is going to be right at the center. Then it splatters

      out. At the edge is a fine mist. That's how this works. Bam, you're hit. The

     first spot shows up is the major hit. Then the lighter "splatter" shows up as

     long as ten days later. That's why it gives the impression it spreads. Now that

     you have found your new best friend, plan on it sticking around for the next

    4-20 days. If the rash is bad, don't wait, seek medical attention. If you can

    stand the itching here are some things that might help- 


  • rubbing alcohol and medicated powder
  • Plantian - Use the salve or infused oil. Could try crushing leaves into a paste and applying.
  • a hot bath in 20 bags of Red Rose or Lipton tea
  • aluminum acetate (Burrows solution)
  • baking soda
  • Aveeno (oatmeal bath)
  • aluminum hydroxide gel
  • calamine
  • kaolin
  • zinc acetate
  • zinc carbonate
  • zinc oxide
  • hydrocortisones under brand names such as Cortaid and Lanacort
  • vinegar
  • Jewel Weed
  • Geranium Essential Oil
  • I've been trying milk of magnesium and Avon's "Hydrofirming Bio day cream" with some relief. Put the cream on first then the other. In between this I use jewel weed that grows along the creek. Crush the plant and use the sappy pulp on the rash.



   I'll bet if you try one of these every hour you should stop itching in- Ohhhh-

   4 to 20 days.  (I know-  Smart A_ _!)


  Here is some news you really wanted to hear. Now that your body has been exposed, it has a bad memory of this plant. From what I have read, the next time your body will, like, totally go ballistic, like an elephant that has just seen Mickey Mouse. You might want to brace yourself,  now, by pulling out the checkbook and setting one of those paper tragedies aside for the Doc.


5. Put a vegetation killer at the base of the plant and get the heck out of there.

    Don't even try to pull it down! Even dead, it will get even with you faster

    than  you can say:  "Doctor's Office." Oh, and "ix-nay" on burning this stuff-

    unless you have a respirator handy. This stuff will find its way into your lungs

    and really mess with you. Forest fire fighters have an extra worry.  Personally,

    by the sounds of it, a "marsh mellow suit" and a  shovel might do the trick.


   Now that I've given you some good news- here is some of the research

   I have found:

    I've broken this research project into 4 categories:

    (All thanks to Ginger, Brandy, Baby, Mocha, Peanut Butter, Tinker,

          Bubbles, Peaches, Chloe, Snickers, Salt and Pepper.)



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