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            Here on the farm we are always lifting cement blocks, putting our hands in equipment that has been dormant in a dark barn all winter long, or generally doing things that put us in all too close vicinity of creepy things. Some people can't get enough of hunting out these little critters- but that's not me and 99% of the human population.

           What started this web page was the experience of watching my husband open an old dresser drawer and having a two inch- not kidding on the size here- hairy (rather annoyed) spider leap out of the drawer and across his legs. Of course this immediately lead to the fastest version of the Mexican Hat Dance that I have yet to see. It was amusing because it was not me the spider had run across!

            Our unwanted eight-legged neighbor turned out to be the harmless Nursery Web Spider. I have yet to convince my hubby of the harmless part as the experience was enough to give him a heart attack. Once I can convince him to come down from the ceiling lamp we might get some more work done on the farm.

Identify Your Spiders!


Banana Spider Brown Recluse


Black Widow Spider Hobo Spider
Barn Spider Brown Spider


Nursery Web Spider-


Camel Spider- HUGE!

Added this one for fun.

Bed Bugs Ewww Gross! Brown Widow Spider


Cross Spider


Arrow Shaped Micrathena

Odd looking.


My Uncle sent me these pictures of a Brown Recluse and the damage it can do. You might not want to scroll down if you are really squeamish.


The Brown Recluse Spider

  • It's bite can be lethal.

  • It's bite will cause severe skin damage.

  • It is the most common spider to bite humans.

  • They like dark places like storage sheds and attics that get little disturbance.

  • Wear gloves when handling woodpiles. Not because it keeps your hands from getting splinters, but, because it might save your life!


      Tell all your friends about this spider. I do not know where these pictures came from. They came to me email, but, they could be pictures that save my readers from a great deal of pain. You are worth the time it took for me to design this web page and share this information with you.



      Day 3





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              Okay, these next two are really gross!









   Day 9                                                                                                                             Day 10


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