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Hi I'm your local Acme Corporation sales representative. You know, the same guy that delivers to Wiley E. Coyote and Bugs Bunny. Well, I'm here to show you our new and exciting leaf disposal system! This handy-dandy new tool is perfect for cleaning up your fall leaves. It is a green machine so even your local nosy environmentalist will want one for themselves. Just imagine, a leaf disposal unit that is Earth friendly. The pesky leaves covering your beautiful lawn just go in one end and in a short time come out the other end, completely processed as an all natural palletized fertilizer that is 100% biodegradable. The best part, and I do mean best part, is that it hardly makes any noise that could bother you or your neighbors.  No big bags to fill with leaves- saving our world's oil supply- and no more back breaking raking- saving you big money at the chiropractor's office.

 Let me show you our exciting product!!!


As you can see!!!

You just place our exciting fully automated leaf disposal unit in your yard.

The leaves go in this end.

  And within hours comes out this end as barely noticeable round pellets!!!



All this for just an amazing 179.95! So how many do you want?

Overnight delivery is available .

                        Get our deluxe unit for 199.95!

 You can have real whole milk for your cereal every morning!

Imagine the savings!!!!

!!!Hurry While Supplies Last!!!


            *Colors and sizes may vary. 

            * Guarantee void if unit is filled with cans , if deluxe unit is pregnant or if unit is non-functional.

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An original--- by Cynthia Queen

(Yes, it is snowing outside and I was locked in the barn as a child.)