Another New Year's passes at the local zoo:


               "I'm still feeling a little green. Uncle Eb's White Lightning
                 is  Ridge Runner famous. The fly-nog wasn't bad either."


  "Yah, a big rock to the right. A big rock to the left. I'm standing!"



     (Every year he swears he won't do it! He swore this
      year he would not pray to the Porcelain God- better luck next year.)



    He is really thinking:  Dude, my head is what you call a "major hang-up."


  "Hey, zoo keep, I know you can't understand what we're
    saying here, but, can we try to concentrate. Let's make it
    simple: We need ASPIRIN. Come on, you can do it."

"I'm sure I saw one of the frogs
  in the punch bowl last night."

In a squeaky, self-righteous tone, Flipper speedily exhales:
     "I told you all not to drink so much last night. The Lord says not
     to over indulge. Just look at me. I'm up and  performing this morning
     while the rest of you suffer... "


From all corners of the zoo, 99% of the population has one word for the
1% that did not over indulge on New Years:

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