The Morgan Twins declare:

(The Missus doesn't miss a thing.)
   "Fredrick, I saw that tattoo last night."
   Fredrick, innocent, "What tattoo?"
   Accusing, the missus states, "The one that says All Aboard. That wasn't
   there last week! You were out with the Morgan twins last night.

Don't deny it!"

    "I hope they don't do a Random Drug test today."

 Goustant says:
 "A random what??  You know, I don't feel like myself today. Was that a real
 unicorn I tried to kiss last night? What was wrong with that filly, anyhow?
 Doesn't she recognize a champion two time Kentucky Derby thoroughbred
 stud muffin when she sees one?"


" Just listening to Goustant makes my head hurt."

"Okay, next year is going to be different!"

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