"Let the Carnage begin!"


"I really feel this guys pain. I bet he called his wife first, then broke the news to his boss."


"That is not my Dad."


"I bet the guy driving looked like this."


"I could have been in there, you know."


"Nice Dump! Hope you got someone as pretty as my Momma

 to clean it up!"


"Rock on, Dude!"


"That's how a Redneck gives Heavy Equipment a tune up.

Power wash is extra."


"Oh my goodness, look at the size of those tires!"



"I bet the guy driving looked like this."



"Hey, Buddy, you better hope you got some dry diapers in one of those containers 'cause you're are going to need 'em."


"Bet my Mom wishes she had one of these right now."


"I really can't think of a comment for this one, except: 'Duh! What are standing there for? Is

Marylyn Monroe flying that thing? Like run Dude.' That's about all I can say on this one."



"I think I'll just hang around and wait for this one to explode."


"This commentary stuff is making me hungry.

Ah, yah, right down the middle!"

"He's never going to get that out of there."


"So farming is basically all about mud. I can't wait to drive!"


"In the end; all things come down to the Power of the Mind

and Living a Balanced Life."


"Sorry, That's All Folks."


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The pictures are not mine but I put the commentary together. Enjoy.