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More Places To See



Take a walk through Ricketts Glenn.......CLICK HERE!

It's a five hour hike through these gorgeous Pennsylvania woodlands. No matter the season you visit there

is always something breathtaking and awe inspiring to see.  It's raw nature at its best.

      There are 27 falls. I took photos and put them into a slideshow to share with my friends and family.

      Click above to take a visual tour!


Ganoga Falls is a 94' piece of eye candy.  Take a picture of your companions on old logs at the bottom.

This picture does not do it justice as you look up, up and up. You can walk behind the falls, about half way up.

Watch your step when you take a peak over the top. If you enjoy waterfalls this  is a beauty.



PICTURES OF: Waterfall at Worlds End, PA; leaves in Avis, PA; a beautiful House in McElhatten, PA;