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The importance of your local zoo can not be over emphasized.

Without zoos where would the next generation go to be encouraged to

preserve the animals of this Earth? Where would the endangered animals

or the animals that could not survive in the wild make their stand?

It is mankind's duty to take care of the Earth and all of its animals. All of

us live on an Ark, the size of a ball suspending in space, where we are each

 Noah and the privilege is for us all to work together to preserve the animals, and, in so doing,  ourselves.


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Hershey PA 

 Pittsburgh PA 

Wellsboro  PA 

Philadelphia PA 

 Norfolk VA 

Natural Bridge VA  

 Luray VA 

 Natural Bridge VA  

VA Beach  VA

 Newport KY 

Louisville KY 

 SLIDES Knoxville TN

 Indianapolis IN

  Indianapolis IN

Dallas TX

Dallas TX

SLIDES Baltimore MD






Please note  no zoo sponsors this website. I enjoyed these places so much I wanted to share

my day at the zoo with those who possibly will never get to see these wonderful animals, and with

you and your children.  I want to give my support to those who are preserving these beautiful

creatures.  Many people volunteer their time. I hope to encourage as many people as possible to

look in their own  backyard and find a way to make a difference. Create miniature habitats.

Remove trash. Think before you  dump chemicals. When you purchase items consider how

their manufacture  effected the  animals....and you.


In the time it took you to enjoy these pictures, a species lost its existence. In my area the

Baltimore  Oriole is losing ground fast, as are many migratory birds. When I bought my farm I

 was delighted to see a variety of butterflies, including the monarch. To keep them coming back

 year after year I will have to  keep a ditch exposed that I at first was going to fill in. After seeing

the animals that use this ditch, including  a blue crane, I've rethought the idea. I am making

plans to plant butterfly bushes along it instead!


"How To Be A Backyard Buddy"" is a new page I would love to  start. What a better way

than to ask you, the reader, what you are doing in your own backyard.  I'll take your ideas

 post them on the web page for everyone to read! So, please send me your idea, your name

 if you like, what town and city you are from, and your age if you like. You can email me.  

 Thanks for your ideas once I get the page set up. This might be a winter time project for 2016 because my own animals are currently jumping their fences. Goats and cows, oh my.



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