About Cynthia Queen- Me

dragon fight DRAGONS ON OUR FARM?

Creative writing has been a passion for me since I was old enough to hold a pen.

It is my hope to produce works to not only bring monetary gain to my family, but delight to my readers; especially laughter. Laughter is great medicine to lift the stresses of life we all face. It is the one common thread able to breech language, age and race barriers. We see, we analyze and we laugh; unique to the human species.

I have four books and you can read a sample of each one: The Major’s Renegade, Holding Heaven, Shelby and Mighty Oaks.


My primary goal of this blog is to entice readers to purchase my books and hopefully gain the attention of a mass publisher or, better yet, a movie producer. My secondary goal is to share with readers my hands-on knowledge of homesteading. At CynthiaQueen.com I have collected information for over a decade about raising goats, calves, chickens and horses. I have lots of funny stories to share and even some videos I’m putting together. I am building a You Tube Channel, slowly.

Other things on my website are: Driving safer tips. Financial tips. How to identify and treat poison ivy/oak/sumac. Home remedies for colds and minor ailments. Battling farm pests. A huge GIF collection to use in your own postings. My latest adventure; sharing recipes and canning tips. (I kept misplacing the recipes, if you want the truth, and put them in the one place I can not lose them. Pretty much the reason why my website is so full of stuff.)

READYwhitesheriff Reid is one of my “flower guides.”

I made a “Site Map” because I kept getting lost and created “flower guides” to help me out. Pretty handsome isn’t he?

Enduring the hardships I have faced- hardships including child abuse, severe depression, two teenage pregnancies, early marriage (16 and in my own apartment), poverty (living with no electric or water for two years), two divorces, deaths of people I loved, family disabilities and stressful jobs-through all of this- I have found keeping a sense of humor has kept me alive. It is a theme interwoven in to my work.

monday noAnimals have a sense of humor.

As I journey through this adventure called life, it never fails to amaze me when I stumble across strong individuals who faced even worse adversity. They leave me humbled. Life could have been worse. A lot worse.

farm humor steak

I could have been born one of these guys.

It has been said, “Struggle builds character.”  If this is true I must be quite a character. Someone will have to let me know.

cat talking to goa “What do you think? Character?”

Learning how to homestead is very character building. The psychological calmness of brushing out a horse, milking a goat, brush hogging or building something is lost on the computer generation. Curled up in an office like a turtle in a shell is not the way humans are hard-wired.

horses in mist      tractor

goat pooped GREENE ACRES is the place for me…

Character is built by enduring and challenging one’s own abilities. Leaving your mark behind on the world is done by helping others and building them into your world. As an author I share my world, which is the story I built; and leave a permanent mark behind for generations to come.


 Currently I’m driving school bus for a local company and working on our farm “Greene Acres” here in Greene County. (There is no way this ram-shackled farm can be named anything else. lol.) It took some adjustment from city living to farmstead. There are several trailers on the property that were in complete disrepair. The floors were rotted and windows leaking. The furnaces barely worked. Soon, we realized half the community had started as young couples or single people in one of these trailers in the past fifty years. We are yet fixing and tweeking.

homey cats

My mother and two disabled brothers came to live on the farm in 2016. We are fixing up their trailers currently. My youngest daughter, who also has a disability, is now living in one of the trailers. (Working on convincing my oldest daughter to join the family. She is too far away.) Now that almost  everyone is here, I hope the work of finishing these trailers speeds up.  I would love to see them painted and the little “park” looking nice.


There are plans for new barns, a greenhouse, a milk cow to go with the goats, an addition to the main house- cross my fingers- and I guess I got a list. In between it all, like right now, (it’s so hot outside I can not breathe) I am trying to launch my writing career. Hopefully my cousin was right about getting a blog started.

calves    fun with horses


I am a quiet person who loves horses, helping the neighbors and learning to be self-sufficient. I am a builder and creating things comes naturally to me. I really enjoy taking discarded items and turning them into re-usable items.

My hobbies include photography, painting slash drawing, pinning things at Pinterest, collecting Breyer Horses, reading westerns; especially by Louis L’Amour and watching John Wayne movies. Other authors I enjoy are Peter Field, Max Brand, Walter Farley,  Robert Frost, Mark Twain and Emily Dickinson to name a few.

As much as I love the farm it is nice to break away and do a little cave hopping in Virginia, visit zoos and try to convince the hubby elephants do not eat much more than a horse; and I am a sucker for the scenic stuff. If I can grab a camera to snap a photo I am game.


My latest adventure has been the birth of our Great Dane girls here on the farm. I could not resist scooping up three puppies from my renter who has since sold the mother to a good home. We will have a few registered litters to pay for their initial cost and expenses; then they will spend their lives with us. I just hope I can let go of all their puppies! I love these big girls.

danes Six weeks old and already helping us fix a trailer rental- not.three danes

Eight months, and they all want to sit on Mom’s lap. Junzia is closest to me, April is in the middle with Maya on the end.

The girls will be two years old in October. Where is the time going? Soon there will be a batch of puppies for sale. Oh my!

At the onset I mentioned I married early. I finished high school with my two daughters in the audience. I would not recommend any youngster duplicating the feat. Wait until you put some years under your belt to think about kids. It was very challenging to go to college. I was on the Deans honor roll at Penn Tech and Thomas Edison University. I thought about becoming a psychologist. Truthfully, I love to write novels.

I focused, finished four books, self-published them and now I am looking to get them in the general market. If you read The Major’s Renegade it does not take much imagination to envision it as a Disney classic similar to say Pocahontas crossed with F-troop and a touch of John Wayne. (He is my favorite actor next to Tom Selleck and James Arness.) Shelby might be a cross of the Apple Dumpling Gang, The Andy Griffith show and The Beverly Hill Billies. Holding Heaven has its own country wit mixed with the romantic reality of dealing with cancers life changing decisions. Mighty Oaks is a collection of poems and short stories which are thought provoking.

It is my hope to keep on plugging onward with my next novels.

The feedback from readers has been enormous support. The difficult part is to get my readers to write down comments so I can post them to my website at my reader’s comments section. My mother’s enjoyment of my work has been my greatest satisfaction. She lights up and laughs as she retells her favorite parts.

I entered The Major’s Renegade in the Writer’s Digest Contest and this is what the judge had to say:

“I really did enjoy this book. The writing is excellent. I could tell that this writer loves language and has such a command of it that she is able to present it in new and interesting ways. You also know literature and the craft of building a novel. One of the most sophisticated aspects of writing is the ability to write good scenes to keep the action/pace moving, while not rushing details that are so important to building setting, mood, and character. Well done! The narrator is observant and insightful, and presents the story with specificity and depth. I admire the choice of language, details and characters- it’s clear that much thought, dedication, and research went in to writing this novel. “

If you read one of my books let me know what you thought. Hope some of the information on my website Cynthia Queen.com proves useful to you as well. In the words of one of my favorite TV stars, “Happy Trails to You.”

There is all kinds of stuff on my website, especially farm animal related. There is some funny picture slides. Usurps from my books and how to purchase them. Horse Corner is all about horse stuff. Recipes and home canning tips are my latest adventure. I’ll be battling garden pests and figuring out how to build our in-earth greenhouse. Last year I learned how to use the backhoe and put in the blue carport which, eventually, might become my milking area- I think. You never know when you are in the process of farm evolution!

As with most people’s work there is copy-write on all my material and pictures.

You can contact me at my website- right now I have to go fasten the tin on the Dane girls’ new “sunroof” before it hits ninety degrees with seventy-percent humidity. We recycled an old porch roof. Gotta love it!