Big Storm Warning All Week- Didn’t even get a Snow Fart

For over a week I have heard this big build up of snow coming. Three storms each worse than the first. The first one gave us five inches, second one flurries and the third- not even so much as a snow fart!

It is bad enough to have a sinus cold, but to have to hurry around because a “foot of snow is coming!”is worse. I could write a book based on one week of this farm living. Because the sky was falling yesterday I came home to the hubby putting up hay early. I just poured myself a cup of coffee and swallowed a decongestant tablet when he came in and told me to get dressed, we had cows out. Great, cows. Put that right up there with the weather forecaster. It was one cow, not plural, and she was happily chewing on the neighbor’s bank far from the main road.

Stepping out of our tiny ranch house, I saw my daughter coming down the road.  I snagged her and a bucket of grain. We hurried to put the cows back in while the hubby disappeared.

Panda, is the name of the cow creating havoc we faced off. She and Number 2 are professional escape artist. If there is a weak spot in a fence line all I need is to put a cam-helm on her head and she will locate every spot! One look at that tasty bucket rattling around and Panda forgot all about the sparse grass. She was back in before the hubby showed up with a round bale. Coming to get me when I’m sick and then disappearing to leave me figure out how to get the animal back in made for a cranky conversation.

Driving along the fence line on the Goodwin Hill roadside, it did not take me long discover Houdini’s escape route. With this big snowstorm coming of course she had to tear out nearly the entire bottom line. I told my  daughter I was going to round up the tools and wire. As soon as she and my little brother could get the feeding done she was to join us. I called Mom, hoping my other brother was there. I snagged two unwilling volunteers.

There was no time for nursing misery. Once Panda found a spot she would take the whole herd through. I chose the hubby’s car with Mom in mind. I did not need a frozen Momsicle, but, the more hands the merrier.


With pretty views like this floating in the background and the temperature above freezing we started mending. I had put cotton in my ears so I’m sure everyone was talking louder than I thought. There was a lot of multi-flora rose and honeysuckle to be cut out of the way to run the new line. T-posts were pounded in to tighten the old rusted lines. My daughter and the hubby showed up and we spent hours trying to get the line fixed. The company was pleasant once the hubby quit whining.

Finally I had to go to work. If you have no idea what it is like to be locked up in a fifty-foot sardine can with a group of half-civilized loud children I suggest you try it sometime. Mine are fairly well-behaved as they know I’ll stop smack in the middle of the road and won’t budge until the mischief stops. In the worst case scenario I have many of the parent’s phone numbers- gotta love kryptonite!

After all this I ran up to the bank so I could go to the neighbor’s and pick up these little guys. Our first piggies!


Mo in the back, Larry is laughing and Curly is in front.

Man, do they squeal when you pick them up! The hubby put his back out and was sulking in his office when he heard our new additions go squealing past. There was no sneaking these little guys in, even with the neighbor’s help. Squeeeeeee Squuueeeee Squuu-squeeee the three little pigs snitched on me!Somehow I forgot to tell the better half I was bringing something new home. Oh, well. It’s been a week since I seen that hairy-eyed half-pissed look anyway. lol

So after I got them settled in, got pictures and took care of an issue with a renter I plunked myself in the chair at seven-thirty. The phone rang and it was Mom and my daughter needing a ride to the store because Mom’s front wheel axle finally bit the big one on their way down the hill. Mom parked under the carport and needed assistance.  Yah, the day is never going to end.

Author: cynthia queen

Living on a small farm just three miles short of the West Virginia border I am kept extremely busy with writing, working part time, remodeling our rental mobile homes and running the farm. I lived most of my life on the New York border in the Tyoga County backwoods. Our family has known nothing but hardship and scraping by. I bought this farm with the intent of bringing my family to a better place. In 2015 my daughter joined the farming fun. In 2016 Mom and my two brothers made it to the farm. I am hoping my writing will begin to supplement the income and make homesteading a reality for all of us. Now, to get my other daughter to come home and we'll have the whole family here.