King meets Queen

The newest member of Greene Acres is coming to the farm to become a riding companion to “CC” alias Pusher’s Lady.

King One Year Old

Since the loss of Jazz Cat two years ago it seems I have lost interest in all my horses. Determined to downsize the feed bill I was guided to Meridith, in Butler PA , who has a barn full beautiful horses. Honestly, I went to check out two Tenessee Walker colts to trade my mare. I was thinking it would be easier to geld a colt and sell it. The mare would be going to a good place. In the back of my mind, I knew Meridith had this gorgeous blue roan stallion, but, what were the odds of any of his colts being around?

Meridith showed me the bay and he is nice. I could have easily resold him. Nothing in my heart stirred. What a nice woman Meridith turned out to be. She showed me her assortment of horses and that gorgeous blue stallion! I could have stared at him all day. Meridith has a gypsy stallion which was all Barbie Doll hair; which was enough to make a horsey girl drool.

There was another three-year old Meridith just got in. It was adorable in its white and brown-roan peppered coat, probably a Pusher colt. It just was not touching my heart. The bay was a better choice. Nothing there for me.

In between it all I had noticed two young horses I thought were fillies. Not interested in a filly- for me. One had a half white face with such odd markings all over she was cute. Maybeline was her name with lipstick black around her lips. On the other side of the filly I saw a blue roan patch on a white back. I thought of the colt I had seen in the pictures months ago on Meridith’s facebook.

King popped his head up and I felt my heart leap. Suddenly excited I greeted the yearling who was putting his little muzzle in my face. We talked for a second. This might sound funny, but, I blew softly in his nose and he blew softly back at me. The only horse in the barn to do so. I was betting this was a boarder’s horse, it was a filly; and no way could this be a colt and for sale.

Hesitant I asked, “A colt?”

Meridith nodded and told me he was her blue stallion’s and the mother was the paint Missouri Fox trotter in the next stall. One of my dream stallion’s colts! Now I was really excited. You know how you get at this point. You see something you suddenly want and you know it is not going to happen. So I asked, knowing I was going to be disappointed, “Is he for sale?”

Meridith hesitated and nodded, “Yah.”

It was one of those nods that told me this horse was expensive. I asked her the price and she told me. Yep and he has to be gelded on top of that price. Gelding is what I wanted anyways. “Champaigne taste on a beer budget,” I thought to myself. I was running figures through my head when Meridtih asked if I would be willing to trade all three horses I was thinking of parting with. It was all I could do not to jump up and down like a winner on the Price is Right. I’m telling you, I was that excited. Yep, not much gets me that excited at my age, but, that sure did!

Calmly I nodded and tried to keep myself from running through the barn like a crazy woman. I wanted to do one of those Ace Ventura scenes, but, dignity kept my excitement to the minimum. We made arrangements. Also the old mare I was stuck with; Meridith was willing to take and re-home for us. Three mouths down! I can take the extra to spoil King rotten!

Ironically, it was Meridith’s dog that allowed me to have this wonderful opportunity to have on my farm a colt out of my dream stallion! The little mini Aussie liked me and was enjoying all the ear scratches she could get. Little did I know, she generally shied away from people unless they were genuinely good. The dog chose the people who got a chance at Meridith’s colts. What a compliment from one of God’s greatest creations.

Now this good Queen is waiting for her King to come home. LOL

More to share soon.

I’m so excited!

3-27-19 Well, guess some things are just not meant to be. The trade for my dead broke registered Champagne walker mare out of seven world champions, a ten-year old Rocky mountain horse and a could be registered Walker filly dragged on so long due to weather, and Meridith wanted the filly registered, that the deal fell through. I offered cash to cover the cost of registering, but, King will never come home. Sad fact is, I had enough to buy this colt three times outright had she asked, but, based on principal of the matter, I left King; suspecting she might have already sold the colt to someone else for a higher price. I hope King got a good home. For me there will never be another horse like him, nor another horse named after him, he will always be my King.

After such a disappointment, the plan is to breed my Champagne mare and CC to a stud in Elkland PA named Spirit’s all that Jazz . He has 41 champions in his line. It will not be the same colt as King. I was so looking forward to seeing his blue roan self running across our fields, his dark nose sucking in the wind as he gaited… well, this is the least of my disappointments in life and I will get over it.

So, change of plans, because I have truly always wanted the experience of raising my own colt from the day of birth, I am going to look forward to these colts or fillies. I really want a colt. With the name of Jazz being in the sire’s name I do kinda feel a little bit of Jazz will be on the farm. I plan on naming the babies Ebony Jazz Delight and Pusher Platnium Jazz Spirit. Now to get the plans for the barn finished, before the babies get here! We are always putting the cart before the horse here on Greene Acres.

When a life ends…

Jazz Posing for the Ladies

Today we put down our Tennessee Walker stallion. He was coming on  four years old. We believe the timber wolf we have seen around the farm may have attacked or spooked the horses. The stallion ended up in the barb wire fence. It wrapped around his leg and sawed all the way around until the bone was exposed. By the time we caught the injury too many hours had passed. The vet said there is nothing to be done.

I hate barb wire. This was new fence; no saggy pieces.  I just hate using it; but the cows go through everything else. If it is electric, they know when the power is off and they take the hit if they really want through.

We are so busy on the farm. The garden is ready to be put in. Getting the farmstead started is difficult and time consuming. I would not have it any other way, but, at this moment I am crushed. Jazz Cat is such a beautiful stallion. He is so quiet you would think him a gelding. I was so looking forward to beginning his training; getting the corral fixed and turned into a training pen. My niece and I have been discussing it all week. Now I have to go look my young stallion in the eye and tell him goodbye. It just knocks the heart right out of me, but, you have to keep on going.

When an animal must pass I tell myself I gave it a good life. Lots of pasture to run in and time to be as free as a horse can be. Cows, you know their time will come. I thank the animal for its sacrifice so I might eat. Even the deer and other wild game. I honor their life by not wasting. A horse, however, is different. He is a big fuzzy pal who lets me sit on him so we can go places. He listens to me chatter about all my problems then puts his head on my shoulder as if to say, “It’s all right. Come back with a carrot for our next session.”

It is so therapeutic to run a brush over his coat. When you stand back and see his long mane and tail laying so smooth and flowing you feel like you accomplished something. You take him for a ride and your neighbors “eww and aww.” You proudly put him back in the field and he trots right over to his favorite spot and rolls off all your hard work.

Jazz Cat and I will never know this relationship. We never got to ride together. I will miss the beauty of his painted face and marbled blue eye. Such a picturesque beauty destroyed in a single stroke; a butterfly caught in a bird’s beak. He has been swept away. Hopefully there might be two foals about to be brought into this world. I can only hope one of them is a colt with a blue eye and painted face. We do not know if there was time for a sad miracle to take place.  It is small console, for none is like the original. I will miss seeing my Jazz streak through the field, his mane floating like a white banner and his tail a streaming flag.

Jazz Looking QuirkyI loved you, you big quirky gentle goof.

May 16, 2016

Sadly, the mares were not pregnant.  Lost everything that  was my Jazz.