Killer Potato?

Luke Frywalker

While surfing the net for a completely different topic, I came across the sad story an eight-year old Russian girl who became an orphan when rotting potatoes in the root cellar killed the whole family. I can recall my grandmother sorting out green-tinted potatoes and potatoes with long eyes. She threw them to the pigs or planted them. More than once I have smelled a rotting potato under the sink and had the unpleasant task of cleaning the mess.
So how can a potato kill you without the french-fry grease, sour cream or twice-baked bacon crumble?
According to the Michigan State University Extension rotting potatoes give off solanine gas. A green potato indicates the toxin is present. The reason why Gran-pap always planted the potatoes deep was because the light reacts with my favorite starch producing vegetable- creating higher levels of solanine.
In a confined space solanine gas can cause a person to fall unconscious and stop breathing which is what happened to the child’s family. There have been more reports over the centuries of such a thing happening.
Not only can potatoes be a problem but other veggies from the nightshade family such as tomatoes and eggplant. The addition of light to a potato, however, is how solanine becomes toxic. It is best to store ‘taters in a cool, dark place where you can ventilate the area should some go bad. Do not forget them under the sink, in other words.

If the potato has long eyes,

If it is turning “Hulk” green,

It might be best to say good-bye

To the french fry-

before it turns solanine mean.

Okay, so I mashed that poem-Take it with a grain of salt, a pat of butter and some freshly cracked pepper. LoL

Getting the neighbor a Lift inspires motivation…

My neighbor I have known for ten years… and grown fond of… is the same age as my mother. Her life was filled with hardships and abuse as a youth. It seems in her older years the hardships are not letting up. Pretty much confined to a wheelchair, she is now in need of a sit-to-stand lift.

Being that her husband was a war veteran I never expected to hear the cost of her lift would not be covered at all. Not by medicaid either. I know, I have spent many hours researching ways to get her the $4800 dollar piece of equipment they can not afford.

The situation became desperate when she came home from a rehab center in town. She stayed at the place almost two months. Once her social security was drained she was put in a room with a parking lot view, given drugs that literally made her lose her mind stopping her ability to do rehab exercises, and her diabetic wounds on her leg grew to the point they became infected. She told me they fed her bologna sandwiches for dinner every night. She dropped seventy-three pounds because she could not even stand the smell of another sandwich and refused to eat.   At this point her husband had enough and got her admitted to the hospital where her diabetic sores were aggressively treated.

My neighbor is now home, recuperating. On Monday we helped her into her wheelchair and it took all we had to physically do it. She weighs around two-fifty. When she came home from her appointments we had to call the fire company for aide. Over the years, everyone knows who she is, especially if they are in the fire company. It is extremely obvious she needed the lift; a sit-to-stand where she could actually use it as a walker and get much needed exercise.

While my neighbor will have to pay out of pocket for the lift I did manage to find a used lift on craigslist for one-third the cost. Today we are traveling two hours in her van to get it. (Lifts on ebay were five to fifteen hours away.) The people were generous enough to accept five-hundred dollars less than the price, putting the lift within the budget without wiping out my friend’s savings account. It is going to be a long trip, but so worth it.

I really am astonished how our medical system is yet treating our senior citizens’ need for independence so poorly. Had my neighbor been able to acquire the lift in the first place she would have never been in the rehab center’s negligent claws. I wish I had taken a more active interest in her needs sooner. Life keeps me so busy, moving my family to the farm in this instance, I missed out on helping her sooner.

I was right about the trip being a long one. It rained the whole way. The elderly gentleman who sold us the lift was in the process of moving to a downstairs apartment. His wife had passed away and he no longer needed the larger space. Being in his eighties, he revealed without the lift we were now buying the care of his wife would have been impossible. The family was just showing up to help him begin the moving process. They seemed a happy brood and the gentleman was always smiling. Knowing the lift was going on to help another family was gratifying to the family.

Once the lift made it to its destination, and I saw the relief and smile on my friend’s face I shared the sentiment. Life is not about how much stuff you can pile into a house. It is not about how much money is in the bank. The true meaning of life is revealed when you give of yourself, without expecting anything in return. Jesus came to the Earth to teach us a simple truth, “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” Acts 20:35

When I see my neighbor out on the porch in her wheelchair enjoying a fresh dose of morning air it will lift my spirits to know I was a small part in giving my friend a much needed lift.

Helping others also encourages me to keep on pursuing the dream of seeing my books in the hands of a publishing company. To think of the changes success would bring to my whole family and to some of my friends is exciting. Can you imagine how excited they would all be if I were able to get them all together and flip on a demo tape and see an animation film of Major Ross Jackson ducking knives as Private Bucks loses her temper? or Jackson screaming as they ride off the cliff to land in a pool of water at the bottom to escape the evil General’s men? or when the squirrel steals Old Lent’s hat? or when Pearl, Bucks pet cougar, causes chaos?  My friends have laughed so well at the book… well… envisioning the movie version in my mind’s eye with everyone I care about gathered to see it…what a motivating dream.

It was the dream of a four year-old to own a farm with horses; it was the dream of a seven year-old to drive a big truck; it was the dream of a sixteen-year old to write a book; it was the dream of a thirty-year old to bring mother, daughters and brothers together on the same farm; if these dreams can be made to come real than seeing The Major’s Renegade or Shelby become a movie should not be so impossible a dream for a forty-year old, do you think?


Sinus and Colds just in time for Spring Gardening

If there is one thing I hate- being is sick it. Driving school bus it is inevitable. With hubby out of work we have no insurance so off to the internet to find herbal back-up. On my website I know I put some stuff and on pinterest I cached a pile of knowledge. You can check it out with me at One of my favorite things to use is local grown honey. From what I have read the local bees collect pollen from local flowers and it helps give people a bit of an immune boost to plants that might otherwise give them grief.

I like to take the honey, add lemon, fresh ginger and hot water . It makes a nice tea to drink. Instead of throwing away the peels I boil them up with more ginger, orange peels and lemon grass. The hard part for me is spending ten minutes of trying to sit patiently while my sinuses enjoy a soothing steam bath. I do not sit idle very long so ten minutes is about all I can endure. I’m worse when I’m sick. Vitamin C is suppose to aid the process so I doubled my daily vitamins. I have gotten hooked on those gummy vitamins. I’m sure somebody will tell me they are full of chemicals someday, but, my nails have been stronger lately and they do not upset my stomach as much. Each to his own on the vitamin theory.

Truly, the main thing I have found about being sick is to not stop doing your daily activities, even if all you can do is sit up and watch TV because you are in a fevered delirium. I have kept myself away from the family because if they get sick it would not be good. With this winter weather I put cotton in my ears, dashed in and out and bundle up like an Eskimo. Getting chilled is a bad thing, but, the animals do not stop eating.

A doctor once told me in order to keep coughing to a minimum keep a candy or cough drop in my mouth as soon as I feel irritated. Babies with whooping cough were dropper fed liquid with the idea that people can not swallow and cough at the same time. It works for me.

I do not like putting chemical medicines into my body, but, when the natural way fails after ten days I’ll bite the bullet and go for the doctor because bronchitis and pneumonia are not worth being stubborn. The truly last thing I want to do is be in the hospital around such wonderful germs as staff infection and serious flu viruses. I want to put myself in a “marshmallow” hazmat suit whenever I visit these places then spray heavily with Lysol before taking off the suit.

Moya, Maya, Junezia, and April already to go for a walk.
Moya, Maya, Junezia, and April already to go for a walk.

Even when I’m sick, how could I possibly say “No walkie today,” to these adorable faces. The Irish wolfhound, Moya, is socializing with our girls today. My niece often brings her to visit.

If you are reading this and have a cold- may you feel better soon. Hang in there and find what works for you.