Discovered “Where Writer’s Win”

Treasure Chest

“Treasure is hard work built up over time.”

I just discovered an informative website named, Where Writers Win. I am listening to the webinar, How to Build Your Author Platform with Online Marketing and Social Media. To check it out click here for a link.

The video is a consolidation of a lot of stuff I have read before. If you can not guess, my time is very limited. I was up at 5AM this morning because I could not sleep after having a stressful day involving my adopted niece and a new lawyer to restart a custody battle for her son.

My adopted nephew is eight years old and a very sensitive child who does not handle stress well. The new lawyer was so moved by this five-year long battle and the sight of my nephew curled in an unresponsive ball, she actually cut her retainer fee in half so we could get the battle started. The father has access to people with a lot of money and it is a long sad story which has been shredding my niece’s sanity one fiber at a time.

Anyways, I decided to rekindle my search for a way to kick-start the sales of my books and help fund some of the battle  about to get underway. This video has a lot of advice; which over the years I have been slowly putting to use, as time allows. If you have visited my website you can see it did not happen overnight.

I try to update something on my website at least once a month to encourage the “web-crawlers” to find me. Yes, that does sound creepy, “web-crawlers.”

Besides my books, I write articles which hold interest to me, such as poison ivy cures, for example, or identifying the spider crawling up my arm for another. Got to love farming.

I also have this blog, which I try to add something to once a week for the same reason. Be sure to add links to your website pages and other media.

I do not own a cell phone- you heard right- I do not own a cell phone because it is expensive and I would drive myself nuts trying to find it under the tractor tires, mounds of hay, in cow stomachs or swimming in the ponds. How many of those technological gadgets I would destroy would dwindle my wallet a few hundred bucks a month. Money better spent trying to build a business and help my niece- then I might be able to afford to lock one up in a desk and never let it leave the office.

Twitter, because I do not have a cell phone is not a platform I can follow easily. Pinterest I do like. It is fun.  I pin stuff from my website to my categories which helps people find me. You can find just about anything on it, including healing herbs and recipes.

Linked-in I found too professional for my laid back country bumpkin style. Facebook I enjoy. I just learned how to link this blog over to it. Being a shy person, it is hard for me to “toot my own horn” in front of my family and friends. I guess I do not want them to think I am showing off or something; you know what I mean? However, you get immediate feedback, which is nice.

Good Reads. Now there is something I am going to check out. Be right back. Well, signed up. It is a place where you can put your favorite books on a virtual shelf and your friends can see which books are your favorites. You can even rate the books. If you have favorite quotes you can find them and have them stashed in one place. That is neat.


“Treasure is hard work built up over time.”  Just made that one up on the fly. I’m sure someone has said this somewhere before. Well apparently not on the internet because I just looked, so guess it’s mine! LOL

Struggling to find a Publisher

Is there anything more frustrating than writing query or cover letters and never getting an answer; even when you sent the return postage and self-addressed envelope? I recall my college English professor saying Mark Twain was refused forty times on his first novel. I think I have him beat.

While I self-published, so I could share my work with my family, I would like to propel my work forward. I know two of my books, Shelby and The Major’s Renegade are perfect matches for Walt Disney.  Mr. Disney absolutely inspired me as a child. I remember plunking down on the floor in front of the black and white box TV with blankets and pillows waiting for the song, “When you make a wish…your dreams will come true.”

Sigh. The reality is, if you type into search engines “How to get published?” you will be quickly inundated by a bunch of self-publishing companies. Am I happy I self-published. Of course. Am I going to make any money- absolutely not. Self-publishing companies are just that. Companies that want you to pay them to build you a book. They would love it if you bought their “reading” services. Some of these editing serves charge as much as fifty-cents a word. Seriously?

Then there are the infamous contests. You pay fees to enter. If you read the fine print the winner gives up all rights to their work in some of these contests. They also sell your info to places soon to inundate you with all kinds of offers. I backed out of one, thought I had erased all the info, and an hour later some foreign person was calling to congratulate me. I was chosen to have my book published with them; yah, another self-publishing company.

Well, Mark Twain and Walt Disney never had to fight this kind of battle. Honestly, I think the only way to find a publisher is to be working in the industry. After this many no returns on my work I would dare to say the dumpsters of New York are filled with unused postage the homeless probably ripped off the envelopes to send letters to their loved ones. Glad I was able to help someone’s writing career; that was sarcasm.

Getting your book published without knowing anyone in the industry is about as fruitful as a “bang your head sign” on a brick wall. Someone once told me when you come to a brick wall you several choices. Number one, bang your head on it until you die. Number two, climb over it. Number three, dig under it. Number four, find the right tool and break through it. However, I have come up with a Number Five: Yell loud enough until someone throws you a rope and scale over it.

So, here is my dilemma. I have something called “a life.” It requires I feed and house twelve family members and care for my aging neighbors. It also needs me to do some ministerial work. There are seven horses, four dogs, too many cats, dozens of chickens, thirty head of cattle, three pigs, a bunch of rabbits, some turkeys, four ducks and a pair of peacocks who do not understand empty feed buckets. Gardens need to be tended, lawns need to be mowed, meals need prepared and then their is the cleaning and the mending in the words of Cinderella. I could go into building maintenance and chasing loose animals, but I think you got the picture.

My cousin said to start a blog and get enough material then advertise it. Okay, now I need to find something interesting to write about. Then I need to get it out to an audience. Did I mention sleep and a full time job were in my schedule?

I have my Twitter account, my Facebook account, my Amazon account, my self-publishing account, my blog, Pinterest and now I’m trying to figure out how to get my new U-tube channel linked to all this stuff. While I love my writing, homesteading is what I really do. My idea is to use this passion to yell loud enough to get an audience’s attention that I have really cool books that are so chalked full of comedy they’ll be laughing out loud and embarrassing themselves at home, on airplanes or in the office where they are suppose to be working. One reader told me she knew her husband was reading the book because he was laughing in the bathroom. Guess my work has gone everywhere, but out into the general public.

Well, got to go to work, take mother to town, hand deliver an eviction notice because some people think my rentals are free, send a registered letter to someone who sold me a car and never showed up with the vehicle- a lesson to never help people you know only vaguely, and hang some drywall in the rental that is nearly finished. Might even get the mowing finished on the lot. Yah. That’s life. I’ll be right back after these messages…



Laughter is Medicinal

According to what I have been reading on the internet about laughter; a good laugh relieves stress. You will might feel relaxed from physical tension for over half an hour. So, if you buy one of my books, find a nice quiet spot, you might actually laugh yourself healthy. It is believed laughing boosts immune cells and antibodies. What a great gift idea for a sick friend, a book full of laughter and a bowl of homemade chicken soup!

There is a side benefit to farming, too. The animals are always good for a laugh. The baby goats learning not to touch the electric fence or a mad rooster chasing the cat through the yard. Not Funny 50

“You stood right there and watched me do it! That was not funny human!”

In the case of The Major’s Renegade it is Charger, Jackson’s horse, playing dead after the troops accidently blow up a wagon; Pearl, the cougar, pouncing Private Tubby Tucker for his stash of jerky; or Adrion’s squirrel running off with Old Lent’s coonskin cap.

So, head over to my website and get yourself a capful, no cupful, no bookful of laughter. We all need an immunity boosting laugh.