Trying to Get Focused

One of the predominate themes of building a blog is to have a skill you can share with others. Picking a focus is something I think I may find difficult as I have many interests. My top priority is the sale and promotion of my books, for example, while my secondary is the sharing of knowledge hands on with homesteading. Hopefully, God willing, this will also be a place to share products with the public once we get started in this endeavor.

A second recommendation is to post… post… post. Sigh. Apparently blogging is more for people who are stuck in apartments with no cows to haze out of the neighbor’s yard, furnaces to fix on rentals or buildings to build.

A third idea I came up with is to categorize my posts by interests. Frankly, I love to share my little short stories just for fun under Farm Tales.  When I finally get up enough nerve to do book signings I can post locations under My Writing.

A fourth recommendation was to be linked into your own website, pinterest, facebook, twitter, and others. The idea is to criss-cross as many connections as possible. Something called “web-crawlers” are out there weaving and knitting the internet together for fast connections.

A fifth idea was to put your website links, blog links, etc… in your emails and facebook posts. Personally, I’m not spamming anyone, but, if friends will share the info will start getting out there.

I am pretty sure everyone has read this stuff before, but if not, glad to help. I’m still trying to remember to go to the Snippet Editor, add Focus keywords, make the blog 300-500 words long, categorize the post,  and keep tinkering with the tools and settings.  Sounds like a whole lot of nagging just to tell people, “Hey, you want to read something really funny, buy this book. You’ll laugh your socks off.”

I still think a billboard on Route 79 would be more effective and less hassle. The hubby says we can’t afford it and, personally, I would feel a bit self-conscious being twenty-foot tall wearing a ball cap, a purple plaid shirt and my pink bib-coveralls. You really don’t think I’m getting in a dress for a billboard advertisement do you? I got work too much work to do for all that fluff-n-stuff. Happy Trails.