King meets Queen

The newest member of Greene Acres is coming to the farm to become a riding companion to “CC” alias Pusher’s Lady.

King One Year Old

Since the loss of Jazz Cat two years ago it seems I have lost interest in all my horses. Determined to downsize the feed bill I was guided to Meridith, in Butler PA , who has a barn full beautiful horses. Honestly, I went to check out two Tenessee Walker colts to trade my mare. I was thinking it would be easier to geld a colt and sell it. The mare would be going to a good place. In the back of my mind, I knew Meridith had this gorgeous blue roan stallion, but, what were the odds of any of his colts being around?

Meridith showed me the bay and he is nice. I could have easily resold him. Nothing in my heart stirred. What a nice woman Meridith turned out to be. She showed me her assortment of horses and that gorgeous blue stallion! I could have stared at him all day. Meridith has a gypsy stallion which was all Barbie Doll hair; which was enough to make a horsey girl drool.

There was another three-year old Meridith just got in. It was adorable in its white and brown-roan peppered coat, probably a Pusher colt. It just was not touching my heart. The bay was a better choice. Nothing there for me.

In between it all I had noticed two young horses I thought were fillies. Not interested in a filly- for me. One had a half white face with such odd markings all over she was cute. Maybeline was her name with lipstick black around her lips. On the other side of the filly I saw a blue roan patch on a white back. I thought of the colt I had seen in the pictures months ago on Meridith’s facebook.

King popped his head up and I felt my heart leap. Suddenly excited I greeted the yearling who was putting his little muzzle in my face. We talked for a second. This might sound funny, but, I blew softly in his nose and he blew softly back at me. The only horse in the barn to do so. I was betting this was a boarder’s horse, it was a filly; and no way could this be a colt and for sale.

Hesitant I asked, “A colt?”

Meridith nodded and told me he was her blue stallion’s and the mother was the paint Missouri Fox trotter in the next stall. One of my dream stallion’s colts! Now I was really excited. You know how you get at this point. You see something you suddenly want and you know it is not going to happen. So I asked, knowing I was going to be disappointed, “Is he for sale?”

Meridith hesitated and nodded, “Yah.”

It was one of those nods that told me this horse was expensive. I asked her the price and she told me. Yep and he has to be gelded on top of that price. Gelding is what I wanted anyways. “Champaigne taste on a beer budget,” I thought to myself. I was running figures through my head when Meridtih asked if I would be willing to trade all three horses I was thinking of parting with. It was all I could do not to jump up and down like a winner on the Price is Right. I’m telling you, I was that excited. Yep, not much gets me that excited at my age, but, that sure did.

Calmly I nodded and tried to keep myself from running through the barn like a crazy woman. I wanted to do one of those Ace Ventura scenes, but, dignity kept my excitement to the minimum. We made arrangements. Also the old mare I was stuck with; Meridith was willing to take and re-home for us. Three mouths down! I can take the extra to spoil King rotten!

Ironically, it was Meridith’s dog that allowed me to have this wonderful opportunity to have on my farm a colt out of my dream stallion! The little mini Aussie liked me and was enjoying all the ear scratches she could get. Little did I know, she generally shied away from people unless they were genuinely good. The dog chose the people who got a chance at Meridith’s colts. What a compliment from one of God’s greatest creations.

Now this good Queen is waiting for her King to come home. LOL

More to share soon.

I’m so excited!

Author: cynthia queen

Living on a small farm just three miles short of the West Virginia border I am kept extremely busy with writing, working part time, remodeling our rental mobile homes and running the farm. I lived most of my life on the New York border in the Tyoga County backwoods. Our family has known nothing but hardship and scraping by. I bought this farm with the intent of bringing my family to a better place. In 2015 my daughter joined the farming fun. In 2016 Mom and my two brothers made it to the farm. I am hoping my writing will begin to supplement the income and make homesteading a reality for all of us. Now, to get my other daughter to come home and we'll have the whole family here.