Sinus and Colds just in time for Spring Gardening

If there is one thing I hate- being is sick it. Driving school bus it is inevitable. With hubby out of work we have no insurance so off to the internet to find herbal back-up. On my website I know I put some stuff and on pinterest I cached a pile of knowledge. You can check it out with me at One of my favorite things to use is local grown honey. From what I have read the local bees collect pollen from local flowers and it helps give people a bit of an immune boost to plants that might otherwise give them grief.

I like to take the honey, add lemon, fresh ginger and hot water . It makes a nice tea to drink. Instead of throwing away the peels I boil them up with more ginger, orange peels and lemon grass. The hard part for me is spending ten minutes of trying to sit patiently while my sinuses enjoy a soothing steam bath. I do not sit idle very long so ten minutes is about all I can endure. I’m worse when I’m sick. Vitamin C is suppose to aid the process so I doubled my daily vitamins. I have gotten hooked on those gummy vitamins. I’m sure somebody will tell me they are full of chemicals someday, but, my nails have been stronger lately and they do not upset my stomach as much. Each to his own on the vitamin theory.

Truly, the main thing I have found about being sick is to not stop doing your daily activities, even if all you can do is sit up and watch TV because you are in a fevered delirium. I have kept myself away from the family because if they get sick it would not be good. With this winter weather I put cotton in my ears, dashed in and out and bundle up like an Eskimo. Getting chilled is a bad thing, but, the animals do not stop eating.

A doctor once told me in order to keep coughing to a minimum keep a candy or cough drop in my mouth as soon as I feel irritated. Babies with whooping cough were dropper fed liquid with the idea that people can not swallow and cough at the same time. It works for me.

I do not like putting chemical medicines into my body, but, when the natural way fails after ten days I’ll bite the bullet and go for the doctor because bronchitis and pneumonia are not worth being stubborn. The truly last thing I want to do is be in the hospital around such wonderful germs as staff infection and serious flu viruses. I want to put myself in a “marshmallow” hazmat suit whenever I visit these places then spray heavily with Lysol before taking off the suit.

Moya, Maya, Junezia, and April already to go for a walk.
Moya, Maya, Junezia, and April already to go for a walk.

Even when I’m sick, how could I possibly say “No walkie today,” to these adorable faces. The Irish wolfhound, Moya, is socializing with our girls today. My niece often brings her to visit.

If you are reading this and have a cold- may you feel better soon. Hang in there and find what works for you.