Charlene settled into her chair to look up at the moon, “I don’t know.” Sighing she stated, “There sure are a lot of creepy crawly things down here.”
      “Hmmm,” agreed Lee. “I think that’s all that can survive this kind of environment.”
Charlene confessed, “I don’t mind the little lizards, but the spiders, snakes and cockroaches- they’re creepy. I found cockroaches in the flowerpots.” Charlene held her fingers four inches apart, “They were this big!”
     “Wait until you see one of them Palmetto bugs. When they fly they sound like an airplane. If one of them hits you, you know it!” informed Lee.
     “Oh, stop,” Charlene shivered. “The thought of flying cockroaches the size of dinner plates grosses me out to the max. I’ll get one of those electronic bug chasers and fix ‘em. I wonder if they work?” She pulled her blanket tighter at the thought of the insects.
     “I don’t know. I never tried one...” Lee did a double take. Charlene stood with the tip of her nose sticking out of the blanket.
     Amused, Lee smiled. In his heart there was contentment. The young woman was a medicine, a soothing salve to the open wounds he carried for decades. Every muscle in his body was relaxed. A genuine smile, warm and soft, touched his lips. Gathering the quilt wrapping the love of his life, he closed his arms around Charlene. Enjoying her presence he said, “Ain’t it a coincidence the sun and the moon should meet the same time we are together?”
Lee sat in his chair and settled her into his lap. Charlene took his hand, “Yes, like two beings from the opposite sides of the universe, merging together.”
     Lee kissed her hand, “I love you very much. You know that?”
     “Yes, I do. I like to hear it.” Charlene rested her head on his arm, “I love you more.”
     Lee kissed her forehead, “I love you the most.”
    Starting a game they played many times on the phone, she touched her nose to his and gave a sexy laugh, “I love you the most of the mostest.”
     “You’re not going to win this time,” he assured. “I love you more than the mostest.”  Before she could speak he kissed her.
     “That was cheating,” Charlene pouted.
     “There’s more than one way to win an argument," Lee assured.
     Charlene snickered, "I guess I can concede this time.”