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   Major General Jackson arrives at Fort Dam Waters to find the men disorganized and unconditioned. A problem he intends to fix. His first order takes the fort on a mission to replace the old horses with younger mustangs. In so doing, he uncovers a hornet's nest. 

    General Pollick is as crooked as a three dollar bill. Jackson's plan to whip the fort into shape puts a crimp in the General's style and threatens to expose his organization...something the general is not about to allow.

   Not only is Jackson outnumbered by greenhorns he discovers he has a woman in his ranks. And not just any woman. Private Bucks has a  solid left-hook, a pet cougar and her own personal vendetta. 

   Jackson tries to keep his feelings neutral, but finds himself falling for the cantankerous red head. The feeling is mutual, until Jackson's fiancÚ, Kate, shows up at the fort. If the General does not kill him, Private Bucks will! 

   Caught in the crossfire are seventy innocent men, an orphaned Indian girl and five of Jackson's best friends. Can they survive?





A note from the Author:


   The Major's Renegade took sixteen long years to compose. Normal sized books are 50,000 words. This book is 170,000 words.  I started writing the book when I was seventeen. It started as a dream where Private Bucks and Jackson are arguing because her cougar cost Jackson a hair raising ride aboard his stallion, who thought the cougar's presence was a fine reason to knock the fort apart. Charger, Jackson's stallion, falls head-over-hoof for Bucks' white mare. At first I thought it would be the horses who would get the couple together, but, when I struck on the idea of adding an Indian orphan girl, Adrion, and five of Jackson's friends, it was the magic touch the book needed. My life's ambition is to see these characters come alive on the big screen. This book is a spring board for a series I would like to start, if I can stay at my desk long enough!

As to whether  The Major's Renegade ever hits the big screen I say-   "The world is my oyster. How far it opens is completely up to me- and a bit of proverbial luck."

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