Go to the Starting Line

(Read a usurp.)



   The story of Shelby and Hailey Baker is inspired by my brother and his klutzy antics. Having worked with him at a friend's garage I have seen first hand is great ability to take a simple job and make it- oh so- complicated. The town of Lawrenceville is located in Tioga County. It is a county of lakes sporting the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon and many state parks. I grew up next to the Cowanesque Lake and visited often Tioga and Hammond Lake. The quiet Hillscreek Lake was one of my favorite places to lay on a bench and look up through the tree tops.

   When I leave the farm to travel home I must admit I dearly miss the sweeping breathtaking views of the mountains. I am quickly reminded, however, of my brother's great ability to create mayhem as I duck under the hood of a car to help him unwedge a tool before mother gets home. It is nice to know some things never change. Sigh.